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Adrianne Curry – A True Geek Girl


I once wrote an opinion piece for my college newspaper about the whole idea that women by the way they dress can somehow be asking for mistreatment. This mistreatment can be anything from inappropriate and rude language to the ultimate crime against a woman, rape. It was a fairly straight forward piece but I remember being shocked at how many people argued with me over it, men and women alike.

To them there seemed to be a rule that anyone who dressed and acted in a certain way was just asking for trouble. I won’t argue that people do dress and act in a way to garner attention. They want you to notice. They are trying to engage you on some level. They are not in any way shape or form asking you to treat them disrespectfully. They are certainly not asking to be assaulted verbally or physically. Anyone who thinks otherwise is an idiot.

I am sad that all these years later it appears there are still plenty of people out there who think “some women are just asking for it.” This last weekend at Celebration V (a Star Wars Convention) Adrianne Curry was assaulted while wearing her slave Leia costume. A man reached up her skirt and groped her. If this tragic assault wasn’t bad enough (and make no mistake any of you Neanderthals out there who want to argue with me, it is an assault) she then had to put up with a steady stream of people sending her notes on Twitter saying she was asking for it by dressing so provocatively. Not to mention several web sites treating it like a joke.

I would like to point out this was a Star Wars convention and she was not the only one dressed this way. This point doesn’t matter in the least because to be completely honest with you I don’t care if she was walking down the middle of the convention floor completely naked. You never have a right to touch any person without their permission. For fucks sake this pisses me off.

One of the issues here is that it is Adrianne Curry who is a beautiful model and has been on some crazy reality shows. Somehow this makes it okay to grope her and then bludgeon her again with words. Bet it wouldn’t be okay if it was your wife or sister or friend. Bet at that point some of you people saying she was asking for it would want to open a can of kick ass on whomever touched the one you loved. This makes you a hypocrite as well as an idiot.

I am happy to say many people don’t agree with the Neanderthals and have spoken up loudly. The ridiculous man who groped her has been arrested and rightfully so. I do have one regret. I wish I had been there. I wish I had been standing right next to her as the man reached up and touched her because I would have knocked his ass unconscious (the guy is lucky Adrianne didn’t do it because I know she could have. She is clearly better at handling her shit than I am).

To Adrianne Curry I can say only this, I am sorry. I apologize for the sub-species of the human race which has treated you so poorly. Thank you for participating so actively in all things geek. I give you the greatest compliment I know, you are a true Geek Girl. I promise at the next convention you will have a village of people watching out for you.

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2 Responses to “Adrianne Curry – A True Geek Girl”

  1. Christopher says:

    >I am glad to find out it wasn't an actual convention goer her assaulted her. I hope this means she will still feel safe on the convention floor.

  2. Merri says:

    >I love adrienne ever since she was on americas next top model. Ew they groped her up her skirt? That’s so gross. Its always annoying when guys try to grab women (or when men grab men, women grab men, women grab women) its so rude and presumptuous. Whenever anyone tries to grab me, such as grabbing a breast or something, even when they're joking, I stop them and make sure they understand its not ok.

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