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Almost Brand New

What a weird day. I have been getting absolutely no sleep lately. Combined with getting up early to go running I have been a muddled fool these last few days. It doesn’t help that we are currently in the midst of redoing much of our home. Which has led to almost no nap time during the day.

We decided in the middle of the housing boom not to move into a new house but to ride it out and make gradual upgrades to our house instead. We are very happy we did that. It seems most of the crazy over-priced homes in our town have ended up being walk aways because the homeowner ended up in a house worth considerably less than when they bought it. Several years ago we did the master bathroom. This time it was time to do the carpet.

We wanted to wait until our kittens were a year old and that day has arrived. We spent a lot of time learning things about carpet I hope to forget soon. My brain can’t store any more trivial knowledge. We decided since we were doing the floors we should take a look at the roof. We knew the roof was nearing the end of its life cycle. We got a quote from a highly recommended roofer that was way cheaper than we thought it was going to be, so we took the plunge.

Having men walking around banging things into your ceiling makes it virtually impossible to take a nap. I won’t even get into what it is doing to my poor cat Troubadour’s nerves. He has spent the last two days hiding in the closet. When he does finally come out he looks like Inspector Clouseau walking around waiting to get ambushed.

Which brings me to my weird day. I seemed to have a vortex of strange following me around today. Went to register my car and was treated rudely at AAA. Then went to Burger King to pick up something to eat and was treated rudely by the manager there. I came home and tried to get to sleep and actually did manage to doze off despite the roofers, only to be woken up by a damn phone ringing. How does that happen? I can sleep through roof apocalypse but not a ring?

The phone call didn’t do much for my nerves. We are refinancing the revolving line of credit we have to a lower interest rate. Our bank (whom we have banked with for a decade) has seemingly gone off the deep end and wanted paystubs, letters from employers, bodily fluids. For goodness sake we already have a line of credit we just wanted the lower interest rate. I finally told the woman to submit our application as is. I am certain it will get approved.

Then we ended up trying to pay for our new carpet unsuccessfully three times. Every time it was rung up they made a mistake (to be fair at the least the people at Home Depot were very nice while making the mistake). They finally got it right but I am fairly certain they broke a bunch of store rules. I am officially ready for sleep. Next project will be the kitchen. Soon our house will be almost brand new again and we will be completely broke.

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