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Apple Police State

I stumbled across an article a few weeks back that talked about an amazing new technology being developed by Apple. It seems they want to put out a commercial device that would disable the iPhone, iTouch, and iPad from recording sound, taking pictures, or video. Apparently, the thought process behind this is to allow musicians to stop fans from using their iPhones at concerts.

Now, I have some opinions on how smart that may or may not be for a musician but I don’t really have a problem with a musician deciding they don’t want to be recorded. They own the material it is their decision. I have a little more of a problem with venues deciding (something that many venues already do). I have always felt the venue should have to abide by the artist’s wish. What does a venue care if you take pictures or record a concert.

All of this is really inconsequential to the thought which really frightened me. The article I read didn’t say there was going to be any limitations to the device. Anyone could be a consumer. Buy the device, turn it on, and stop people from recording you. This sent a large big brother shiver up my spine.

What’s to stop every police force in the United States (and beyond) from outfitting their officers with a device which disables recording devices. Trust me on this if Apple can disable their devices than all devices can be disabled. Once Apple figures it out someone will jump right on board with Android and every other device.

I am not anti-police. I like living in a world where we have police and have always found it a little silly that some people don’t. However, I don’t want to live in a world where police have no checks and balances. I think the ability to record police is a just such a thing. Like any profession there are bad seeds. I think most police officers do a great job but we have all seen the video of those few who don’t. I think that video is important. I want to know when people are behaving badly. I want to see the evidence of the riots that go wrong. The traffic stops which go backwards.

I have no desire to live in a police state. Especially one aided by Apple or any other company. I know the military has probably already developed and deployed something like this. It’s a thought which gives me no comfort. Every year it seems like more of my personal freedom is snatched away from me. It worries me. Next week I am flying (sadly on an airplane and not with my yet to be manifested flying powers)  to New York and I have to admit the full body scans piss me the hell off. Here’s hoping this particular Apple invention gains no traction. I know big brother is watching but big brother needs to know we are watching right back.

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5 Responses to “Apple Police State”

  1. Julirose says:

    I agree. There is enough fascism in the US without Apple contributing to the cause.

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  3. Piper Bayard says:

    I would be delighted to prevent people from recording me since I am a very private person. However, the actions of our public servants should be public, and they should be accountable. Thoughtful post.

  4. merri says:

    You’re right, that’s a very bad idea. i’d heard about that, but didnt think about it as closely as you do. i know that some places like concerts and even clubs now, dont allow you to bring a camera/video phone in. thats a bit annoying because what if you need to use your phone, but it’s way better than having some disabling thing all together. scary.

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