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Hey Apple! I’ve Already Forgotten

Some companies just can’t help themselves. They need to ratchet up the hype to levels where anything short of a zombie apocalypse seems like kind of a let down. Apple is one of those companies. I mean seriously, if you checked into their website yesterday and saw the note, “Tomorrow… Read the Rest »

Fallout: New Vegas

I have said this a few times in the past but my video game time is extremely limited during the school year. Too much writing to do and not enough extra time to spend with wife, family, and kittens (don’t tell Troubadour and Ginger I listed them third. They get… Read the Rest »

Garfield Must Die

Remember when the comic strip Garfield was good? I am sorry if you were drinking a beverage at the time of reading that last statement. I sincerely hope that when you sprayed out said beverage you didn’t hit anything important. I should do a better job of warning you when… Read the Rest »

Zoë Keating’s Symphonies of Strings

I am starting to make a career of seeing Zoë Keating play her cello in unusual places. I have seen her in the airport, in a small club, opening for Imogen Heap, at a music festival in a small theater, and now the most unlikely place of all, a church…. Read the Rest »

A Very Zombie Halloween

I decided to write a Halloween story for my wife. This is the best I could do with the scary monsters ringing our doorbell. I wrote it in one sitting and did no editing. I make no claims to greatness but I enjoyed writing it. I hope you enjoy reading… Read the Rest »

Geeking Out Part 2….

It is time for me to geek out with my readers again. This is a few of the things I have been grooving on (yeah I said grooving, I am going to bring that word back into the mainstream. Just watch me people) lately. Vicious Circle by Mike Carey This… Read the Rest »

How To Kill A Video Game

I decided recently that a lot of my life had to be re-prioritized. I wanted to read more. I think my writing has suffered from not feeling my creative pumps with other people’s wonderful words. I wanted to get my own novel going in the right direction again, which I… Read the Rest »

Politicians Who Lie (A Tale of Redundancy)

There are a lot of reasons I hate politics and elections but none greater than the gluttonous amounts of hate which get spread around during this time of the year. It seems no one really wants to run on actual issues. It’s all about slinging mud. Politics are basically the… Read the Rest »

Me for Govenor

What does 140 million dollars buy you these days? Apparently, not the governor’s job in California. Meg Whitman is spending money like she can single handedly solve California’s budget crisis with campaign advertisements and yet somehow finds herself behind in the polls to Jerry Brown. I have no idea what… Read the Rest »

Lions vs. Lunch

I like to think of myself as a good man. I try to live a life of measured insanity (since my brain long ago convinced me sanity was never going to work for me). I try not to have too many mean thoughts and often feel guilty when my brain… Read the Rest »

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