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Gen Con 2018 Days 3 and 4

My second Gen Con and Sheri’s first is officially in the books. I had a great time overall but the whole experience was dampened a little because my wife was beat about the head with migraines for the whole Gen Con. She hung in there and says she had a… Read the Rest »

Gen Con 2018 Day 2

Hello, my name is Christopher and I have a legacy problem. Welcome to my Gen Con day 2 recap. I managed to keep my wallet in my pocket today. This was a good thing because yesterday I might have spent a little too much money. Don’t get me wrong, I… Read the Rest »

Gen Con 2018 Day 1

Gen Con 2018 Day 1 is in the books. Today was Sheri’s first day and sadly she got bitten by the headache bug. She stuck with it though and eventually the headache let up. I will say my first impression was that it is much more crowded than when I… Read the Rest »

Board Games Are My Jam!

I have been an avid video and computer gamer all my life. It started early for me. Plugging quarters into an arcade machine and playing Asteroids for the millionth time. I would move onto Tempest and a host of other games. Pong was my first at home system (no “how… Read the Rest »

Terraforming Mars

My first board game review. I hope I do better at it then I do playing some games. I am a converted video game player. I used to play hours and hours of video games a week but honestly I vastly prefer the joy of a good board game than… Read the Rest »

The Struggle is Real

I have been gone for a long time from this blog. I have been struggling. I have been trying to find my way back to me. To the writer. To the reader. To the legend in my own mind. When I struggle I tend to focus on the things that… Read the Rest »

Teaching in Fear

I have cried a few times in my 21-year career as a teacher in front of my students. For those of you who don’t know me personally, this is not insignificant. I do not like to show my pain to the world. I sometimes have a hard time showing it… Read the Rest »

My Top Ten Tabletop Board Games

I have decided to start reviewing tabletop board games. I have been running an after school board game club for almost three years. This last week I ran my first successful all day tabletop day at our local community center and had a great turnout. Over the last few years… Read the Rest »

Reading Is My Jam

Summer is here and I needed some time to reset my brain. I have been in a bad place for a long time now. I know a lot of the frustration I feel is because my knee is not healing as fast as my brain wants it to. I miss… Read the Rest »

Nemesis Games by James S.A. Corey

It isn’t always easy reviewing a fifth novel in a series. By now most people who are reading this series don’t need to be convinced to keep reading it. They need only one thing. The confirmation that the series is still great and heading in the right direction. I can… Read the Rest »

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