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Bad Author! (Please read if you bought The Shadow Men)

The wonderful world of publishing is full of obstacles that will allow you to look like a complete idiot. I am not a happy man right now. Somehow when I created my Kindle version of The Shadow Men a chapter (18) did not go into the Kindle version. This despite the fact it showed on my computer as being there. Luckily, my brother caught it and I fixed it. Unluckily, Amazon apparently has forgotten to send out an email to the people who bought the book that there is an updated version. This means people rolling along in my book (and hopefully enjoying it) are going to suddenly think, “that was a strange jump.”

It leaves me feeling extremely foolish. I tried very hard to approach this professionally and now I have a big giant pie in my face. To my readers I can only apologize and say it will never happen again. The hardest part about trying to do everything yourself is mistakes will get made but this was a doozy and I find it unacceptable. There is a solution to get you the updated book if you never received the email. I hope this mistake will not stop you from buying the next book in the series.

To get Amazon to update your book you will need the order number. Go to your account page and click on manage your Kindle. Click on The Shadow Men and then order details and you will see your order number. Then you want to contact customer service. Here is a link directly to the page: Amazon Customer Service

Once there click on the pull down menu for Kindle Books, Subscriptions, and other content. Enter your order id number and then click send us an email.

Type the following message:

The book The Shadow Men by C.S. Daley has been updated by author and I never received an email asking me to update to correct addition. Please update my archived addition.

You should receive an email fairly quick (I got mine in 30 minutes). Once you get the email go to wherever you have stored the book and delete it (Kindle, iPad, Computer, etc.). Once deleted redownload to your device and your book will be accurate and include the mysteriously missing chapter 18.

If you got the email none of the above steps matter as long as you replied to the email from Amazon saying update my book. If you didn’t, the above steps will take care of the problem. Again, I am sorry for the trouble and I promise to actually look a little more professional when book 2 comes out. Now, if you will excuse me I am going to go stand in a corner and beat myself with a wet noodle.


If you buy the book after June 15th this blog does not apply. It has been fixed and all downloads are correct.

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