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Whispers of the Dead Published

Yes, people, I am a glutton for punishment. Today Whispers of the Dead crossed over into the published world at Amazon. It will soon be available at Barnes & Noble, Smashwords, iTunes, and a bunch of other places (I will post the links as the book goes live). This is my third book out and I am busy finishing the last book in the series. Even better I have a completed novel (Dragonroot) waiting to be edited then published. This means by about March of next year I should have 5 books hanging out in all of the fine online bookstores. At the rate the current books are flying off the virtual bookshelves I will be able to retire when I am, well I will never be able to retire. I will keep writing though. At some point I assume I will obtain worldwide notoriety for the most published  ebooks that no one has ever read (I, of course, hope this does not happen but I like to keep my goals realistic).

If you haven’t bought The Shadow Men yet then what are you waiting for? Now book two is out and I promise book three will be out before you know it. Consider it you’re supporting the delusional author contribution for the month. Seriously, though, I hope you enjoy the second book. I know a few of my readers were both happy and wanted to kill me all at the same time. This was a good thing though, trust me.

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