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Gen Con 2018 Days 3 and 4

My second Gen Con and Sheri’s first is officially in the books. I had a great time overall but the whole experience was dampened a little because my wife was beat about the head with migraines for the whole Gen Con. She hung in there and says she had a… Read the Rest »

Gen Con 2018 Day 2

Hello, my name is Christopher and I have a legacy problem. Welcome to my Gen Con day 2 recap. I managed to keep my wallet in my pocket today. This was a good thing because yesterday I might have spent a little too much money. Don’t get me wrong, I… Read the Rest »

Terraforming Mars

My first board game review. I hope I do better at it then I do playing some games. I am a converted video game player. I used to play hours and hours of video games a week but honestly I vastly prefer the joy of a good board game than… Read the Rest »

My Top Ten Tabletop Board Games

I have decided to start reviewing tabletop board games. I have been running an after school board game club for almost three years. This last week I ran my first successful all day tabletop day at our local community center and had a great turnout. Over the last few years… Read the Rest »

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