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Gen Con 2018 Days 3 and 4

My second Gen Con and Sheri’s first is officially in the books. I had a great time overall but the whole experience was dampened a little because my wife was beat about the head with migraines for the whole Gen Con. She hung in there and says she had a… Read the Rest »

Gen Con 2018 Day 2

Hello, my name is Christopher and I have a legacy problem. Welcome to my Gen Con day 2 recap. I managed to keep my wallet in my pocket today. This was a good thing because yesterday I might have spent a little too much money. Don’t get me wrong, I… Read the Rest »

Gen Con 2018 Day 1

Gen Con 2018 Day 1 is in the books. Today was Sheri’s first day and sadly she got bitten by the headache bug. She stuck with it though and eventually the headache let up. I will say my first impression was that it is much more crowded than when I… Read the Rest »

Board Games Are My Jam!

I have been an avid video and computer gamer all my life. It started early for me. Plugging quarters into an arcade machine and playing Asteroids for the millionth time. I would move onto Tempest and a host of other games. Pong was my first at home system (no “how… Read the Rest »

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