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Editing Burn Out

Alright it is time to come clean. I burned myself out again. Way too many candles going at the same time. After the completion of Incarnators I had finished back to back novels with no breaks. It has really bogged my editing down. You throw in the fact I was… Read the Rest »

Incarnators Week 16

Welcome to the shortest novel update ever. Today is my birthday and I have been informed by my brother that I am suppose to take the day off. I was going to write something yesterday but I was still recovering from food poisoning. If you have never had food poisoning,… Read the Rest »

Incarnators Week 14

Just a quick update to let everyone know what is going on. I crossed over the 80,000 word mark this weekend. The word count goal for this book was 90,000. I am going to go over that. I don’t think it will be much over but I know I am… Read the Rest »

Incarnaotors Week 13

A little bit slower of a writing week this week. I still went over the 70,000 word mark. The DC reviews blog takes up a lot of writing time on Wednseday and a little bit Tuesday setting it up. It’s okay though because I really like writing that blog. I… Read the Rest »

Incarnators Week 11

Merrily we roll along, roll along. I have zipped past the halfway point. I will reach 53,000 words sometime this weekend. I wouldn’t call it the homestretch but I can see the finish line. Everything is going well and all the story parts are coming together. I think it will… Read the Rest »

Incarnators Week 10

I am writing this after watching a very sad Dateline on 9/11. A stark and haunting reminder of the worse our world has to offer. And the best. The heroism of all those who thought only of helping others. Who thought of others before themselves. It makes me proud. The… Read the Rest »

Incarnators Week 9

Great week of writing this week. Had two days where I wrote over 7000 words. The word count soars past 25000 and the book is well and truly on its way to getting finished. I still have moments of writing log jams. They are usually caused by my inexperience. I… Read the Rest »

Incarnators Week 8

Well after weeks of false starts and preparation, I have officially hit the gas pedal. This was easily the best week of writing I have had. Made my word count goal every night. I finished up chapters one and two and should be done with three by tomorrow. It was… Read the Rest »

Incarnators Week 7

Nothing like another lost week of writing. I did get some writing done but the world conspired against me getting on a role. School started this week and I felt a little bit of an obligation to actually be ready. I mean I love writing but it isn’t paying the… Read the Rest »

Incarnators Week 6

Not a great week of writing but better. I have worked out some kinks with Incarnators and done some plotting. I also spent a bit of time hammering out the last few steps of getting Whispers of the Dead published. Happily, I did accomplish that goal. Whispers of the Dead… Read the Rest »

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