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Recharged Brain

This is a blog about not writing. I got nothing. Thanks for reading…… I thought about posting the above statement and letting it go but I knew my readers wouldn’t really believe I didn’t have anything to write. Since today is the day I usually update on my writing during… Read the Rest »

Keepers Week 17

The first draft is done. It ended up going 20,000 words over my goal and might even be  a little longer when I do the second draft. I have a few scenes I have notes on but haven’t written yet. They were story lines which cropped up later in the… Read the Rest »

Keepers Week 16

I have been working my ass off again (sadly no actual ass has been lost in the working). Last week I finally published A Very Zombie Holiday. This week I have been busy getting The Shadow Men ready for publication (should be ready to publish tonight or tomorrow). Where does… Read the Rest »

Keepers Week 14

This will be a short update because, frankly, I have much writing to do tonight. I can’t wait until summer is here so I can have just one job again, that of a writer. Too bad the pay is crap. I zipped on by my word count goal for Keepers… Read the Rest »

Keepers Week 13

This is the update I was supposed to write “done” and throw a party. My word count goal was 90,000 words and I predicted I would hit it at the end of April. I am happy to say I have in fact hit my 90,000 word count goal yesterday. I… Read the Rest »

Keepers Week 12

This will be a short update because I am in Hawaii and honestly I have other things to do. I am very proud of myself though. Despite being on vacation and surrounded by beauty I managed to get my writing done. It hasn’t been easy and I am sure some… Read the Rest »

Keepers Week 11

I have definitely hit the endgame of Keepers. Three of the four story lines have connected. The fourth one will be there soon. It really has been the best part of writing this novel was knowing I was going to connect all the plots together at the end but not… Read the Rest »

Keepers Week 10

What a crazy week of writing. Last weekend I went to WonderCon which is code for I didn’t write the whole weekend. This is not a good thing. I have several deadlines barreling in on me. I want to be done with the first draft of Keepers somewhere near the… Read the Rest »

Keepers Week 9

Since moving my blog over to WordPress my number of readers has taken a huge hit. I wasn’t really worried about it. I figured it built itself up once it will do it again. Without the same amount of readers I haven’t too many break out blogs yet. This week… Read the Rest »

Keepers Week 8 & Release Dates

Well it has been a busy and interesting week for me writing wise. Keepers continues to move along at a good pace. I have now written more words in two months on Keepers than I did all of last year on the Steampunk novel. I am well over the halfway… Read the Rest »

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