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I Work For Free…..Sometimes

The new school year has kicked into high gear and I am loving my new job as a media arts/creative writing teacher. It has however left me extremely busy and tired. I am getting behind on my editing, writing, reading, talking to friends, knowing what the hell is going on… Read the Rest »

A Labor of Love

Got to love the catchy title don’t you (okay it was hokey but I can’t help myself). I got to spend a wonderful Sunday afternoon meeting new people and listening to Marian Call play music at a house concert. If you have never been to a house concert make sure… Read the Rest »

Musical Geek (New York 2011)

Sometimes you just get lucky. We booked our New York trip back in January. This included theater tickets. Buying theater tickets before some shows open is always a risky venture. You are basing it on a gut feeling. Maybe something someone wrote. Out of town tryouts or small snippets of… Read the Rest »

Best Albums This Year (So Far- 2011)

As we get ready to enter the second half of the year it is time for me to compile my favorite albums of the year so far. The only rule is it is a 2011 release. It’s possible some of the albums were released last year outside of the U.S…. Read the Rest »

Lady Gaga

I spent the morning watching Lady Gaga’s Monster Ball special on HBO. I had recorded it on my DVR when it first aired and let it sit there waiting for me to be in the mood to watch it. I am not a huge Lady Gaga fan. I like some… Read the Rest »

Jon Bon Jovi Delusional Historian

I need to start this blog off with full disclosure. I think the music of Bon Jovi is at its best slightly more pleasing than someone running their fingernails¬† across a chalkboard. I think cats in heat have more musical talent than Bon Jovi. I admit there has been an… Read the Rest »

2010 Best of Music List

At long last my best music of the year list. It took me forever to get it done (I say this as if there were tons of people just dying to read it). I was about half way through it when this past weekend’s sadness stopped me cold. I have… Read the Rest »

The Dresden Dolls: A Love Story

I came to the Dresden Dolls party a little late. They were still a band and touring. I didn’t know that tour was going to be their last major one as a band. I was sucked into their music completely. Even more amazingly, so was my wife (who never ceases… Read the Rest »

Kim Boekbinder Magical Lyricist

I have been thinking about how to put these words into the world for days. Everyday I start to put them down on the page. I feel my hands go through the rhythm of typing. My fingers pushing the keys but without fail my words have left me wanting. I… Read the Rest »

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