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Keepers Week 10

What a crazy week of writing. Last weekend I went to WonderCon which is code for I didn’t write the whole weekend. This is not a good thing. I have several deadlines barreling in on me. I want to be done with the first draft of Keepers somewhere near the… Read the Rest »

Keepers Week 8 & Release Dates

Well it has been a busy and interesting week for me writing wise. Keepers continues to move along at a good pace. I have now written more words in two months on Keepers than I did all of last year on the Steampunk novel. I am well over the halfway… Read the Rest »

The Dark Lands Week 16

It took one really late night but I did finish draft number three this week. I went through and made all of the grammar corrections my wife found. Cleaned up some awkward sections. Went back and rewrote part of an earlier chapter to make it fit the actions of a… Read the Rest »

The Dark Lands Week 15

This update is very late because of the wacky and crazy week we have had in Maui (hospital stay because brain felt like it was exploding plus an 80 acre fire across the freeway made it hard to get back to our room). We just got back into our condo… Read the Rest »

The Dark Lands Week 14

This was a rough week of editing. I had a few chapters that just didn’t want to cooperate. I also had a brain fart moment when I didn’t save after two hours of work and my program crashed. The crash really ticked me off because I used to manage a… Read the Rest »

The Dark Lands Week 13

Started my 2nd edit this week. My wife is reading a chapter and marking it up all nice and pretty and then I go in behind her and make changes. This is going to be my final edit before I let outside sources have a look at it. I have… Read the Rest »

The Dark Lands Week 12

The first edit is done. I have turned over the 430 manuscript pages over to my wife and will now take a week off from writing the Dark Lands. I have decided on the title for the first book. I am going with The Shadow Men. I have continued to… Read the Rest »

The Dark Lands Week 11

First week of editing has been an interesting experience. I set out with two main goals. Fix the bad sentences and fix the story continuity problems. I knew that this was going to be a quick and dirty edit. My plan was to get the story into my wife’s hands… Read the Rest »

The Dark Lands Week 10

Today is day 70 and I am happy to report that I have finished the first draft of my novel. It went 82,088 words which was 12,000 more than my goal. I don’t know if it will get shorter or longer in the 2nd draft stage, but I am guessing… Read the Rest »

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