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I know I have become a little fixated on the whole comfort art idea but I have one more I want to do, comfort music. More than anything else in my life I use music to inspire me, to make me better, to motivate me. Music is as big a part of my life as writing is. I always have the wall of sound on when I am writing. I always turn to music when the writing won’t come. Sad, turn on my comfort music.

This list was a little harder to whittle down. I thought about it and decided that it could go on forever with the amount of different artists I listen to. If you want to have a gander at my musical taste head over to my Last.Fm site and take a look. Here are my comfort musicians but it is by no means a complete list. These are just the ones I turn to in my hour of need the most. The favorite song choice is just the first song that popped in my head. I figured if I spent too much time thinking about favorite songs I would never get this blog written.

Zoë Keating

This one was a no brainer. If you read my blog with any regularity than you know that Zoë Keating is my go to musician for writing. I rewrote my first book while listening to nothing but her music. One of the few musicians I would go to see play live over and over again.

Favorite Song: Exurgency

The Beatles

They are probably my all time, “I feel like crap and must listen to music to feel better” band. I have been listening to The Beatles since I first started listening to music. As a child who grew up in the disco era, The Beatles saved my musical life.

Favorite Song: Come Together

Amanda Palmer/The Dresden Dolls

I know that it is sort of a cheat listing them both but it’s my blog so I don’t care. Amanda Palmer’s solo album was my favorite from last year. On my iPod I have her solo music mixed in with The Dresden Dolls and I really can’t separate out the two. They are different but it is ultimately her voice that draws me. I have always been a sucker for unusual voices.

Favorite Song: Runs in the Family

Vermillion Lies/Kim Boekbinder/Zoe Boekbinder

Another cheat caused by my iPod playlist (they are all in the same playlist). Their solo music is different than the music they play as a band but not so much that I don’t listen to it at the same time. There really is no way to explain Vermillion Lies other than to say if you ever get to see them, do not miss the chance. One of my favorite live shows of all time. They are working on their solo projects right now but they get back together from time to time.

Favorite Song: I Should Fly

Wynton Marsalis

I started listening to jazz at a very young age. Charlie Parker, Dave Brubeck, Miles Davis were some of my early favorites. Wynton Marsalis has turned into my go to jazz musician. So many great albums and sounds. I am not saying he is the best jazz musician of all time but he has become my favorite.

Favorite Song: Where Y’All At?

Immaculate Machine

I love this band. They make me smile and happy. Their voices all work so well together. For me they are a perfect example of how male and female singers should work together on an album. While I am partial to Kathryn Calder’s voice, Brooke Gallupe & Luke Kozlowski more than hold their own.

Favorite Song: Dear Confessor

Cold War Kids

Another band that I use to get me through writer’s blocks. I think Nathan Willett has one of the most haunting voices out there right now. This is one of those bands that makes me drool when I think about the possibility that new music might be coming my way soon.

Favorite Song: Something Is Not Right With Me

Tilly and the Wall

What can you say about a band that uses tap dancing for their paercussions. They just make happy music. When I listen to them it is like I have had a swig of joy juice.

Favorite Song: Night of the Living Dead

These last two entries are the only two new ones from this year. They have been on a constant rotation since I first bought an album. Both have also recently graduated to music I will listen to while writing (this is a very limited list right now.)

Storm Large

She makes me smile and has a great voice. More than anything I love the lyrics of her songs. They move easily between silly and super serious (sometimes both at the same time). I also like anyone who can bang out a career no matter what obstacles get put in her way.

Favorite Song: Eight Miles Wide

Mark Growden

I really am a sucker for different sounding music and apparently accordion. I had never heard his music before going to see Kim Boekbinder play a concert in Chico. I was captivated and have been listening ever since. He has a new album coming out in November and I am really excited to hear it.

Favorite Song: Saint Judas (with an honorable mention for Fuck Boy which is a tune that will never leave your head once you have heard it.)

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