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Delusions: A Love Story

Okay, I have published two books. I am editing a third one to get it published by August. Another will follow in December and another in February. By then I should also have another book well on the way to being finished. At a minimum I will have 5 books out by this time next year. Then I will sit back and let the money roll in. Quit the day job and buy a Ferrari.

Or you know, not. This delusion is actually one which belongs to many other people when they find out you can mosey over to Amazon and buy my books. The world outside seems to think because Amanda Hocking & J.A. Konrath have sold a bazillion copies of their e-books it is really easy to do. Put it out there and enjoy the filthy lucre as it jumps into your pocket.

The reality is far less glamorous. I will be right back teaching next year. I will still be planning with my wife on how to retire and live on a teacher’s pension. I won’t be driving a Ferrari (although, I secretly long for a Mini Cooper. Not so secret now but oh well). I mean as of right now I can’t even sell a copy of my books to everyone in my family.

I knew this was the way it was going to be. A grind to get recognized and maybe never having it happen. I fought with myself on even releasing the first young adult novel because I wasn’t sure about my skill level when I wrote it (I feel much more competent now and think the 2nd book of the series is a big step up). The book I just finished was easily the best thing I have written. The book I am going to write after I finish The Dark Lands has me so jazzed I started writing notes this morning.

I love to write. I am getting better. As much as it would be fun to give into the delusions, I know I can’t. To give into them would be to set myself up for quitting. If you expect the universe and get a flea the failure will crush you like a giant anvil dropping out of the sky (with a Road Runner sticking its tongue out at you to add insult to injury).

I try not to tell my co-workers I write. I make no mention of publishing my books (although, I slipped recently). It always leads to the delusions. The truth is I am currently selling very few books. This has to be okay. I do it because I want and need to express myself. To not write would be like opening a vein. I have worked hard to become an everyday writer. So, I will keep on pushing. Striving to get better. I will keep writing and love doing it. I will not fall in love with the delusions. I will leave those for other people.

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