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Fallout: New Vegas


I have said this a few times in the past but my video game time is extremely limited during the school year. Too much writing to do and not enough extra time to spend with wife, family, and kittens (don’t tell Troubadour and Ginger I listed them third. They get very jealous and I have to sleep eventually).

There are two times a year I usually go a little hog wild playing video games. My summer vacation and all the holidays around Thanksgiving and Christmas. This year I got a little bit of a head start because I had two games come in at the same time I really wanted to play (Fallout: New Vegas and Fable 3). I have been trying to be very disciplined and get my writing done so I can have a few hours after everyone goes to sleep. I also had a four day weekend this week and have been playing the hell out of Fallout these last three days.

Tomorrow I should beat one of the many Fallout story lines. I have already maxed out my character levels and spent a few hours today playing for Xbox 360 achievements. What this should tell you is that I am enjoying the game. It doesn’t bring much new to the table but the story is still fun (one of the few games I actually follow the story) and in usual Fallout fashion there is a million things to do.

I have to be honest though. There is a little part of me that is slightly disappointed. I know game developers spend a lot of money writing the code for a first game and want to maximize that time by putting most of that code in the 2nd game. The problem I have is I am starting to feel like I have done this game before.

It also has a lot of little things that annoy the hell out of me. I know that there are some people out there who get a kick out of picking up thousands of in game items and carting them off to a merchant to sell, not me. It drags the game to a halt. In the beginning money is too important not to do it but really I just want to play the damn game. Pay me enough money from doing missions that I don’t have to collect anything but new weapons and interesting items. A couple of hours into the game I start to feel like a Wal-Mart distributor.

Here is another thing this game does (and believe me I know Fallout isn’t the only game which does this) which ticks me off. Why put all the cool weapons at the end of the game? I mean I have spent forty plus hours (I think it might be a lot more but I am embarrassed to look) on this game and am winding down to the end. Suddenly, cool guns are springing up everywhere. Drives me crazy, especially since if I play again I will know they are there but still have to wait.

My final quibble with what is otherwise a good game is way too many missions require you to go through doors which then require load time from the hard disc. I had one mission where I went through a gate and two doors, each requiring load time, only to have to turn right back around and go out. That is poor level design and a waste of my time. I liked Fallout: New Vegas but I would give it a 7.5 on a 10 point scale. The little hangups stopped it from being a truly great game. I’ll be back in a couple of weeks with my Fable 3 impression. That is if my kittens don’t smother me in my sleep for mentioning them third.

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