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I survived the crush of 130,000 people at San Diego Comic-Con this week. It was crazy busy and ridiculously crowded. Many of those in attendance were “frothing at the mouth” fanatics. Dying to get just one glimpse at a pop culture hero. I have friends who lined up at 4am to see the Dr. Who panel. Waited 6 hours to get in and then sat through two panels they had no interest in to catch a glimpse of the Dr. Who crew. I love Dr. Who but there is no way I would have done any of that.

I spent a lot of time thinking about my particular brand of geekness. I am a big fan of a lot of things but I don’t think I cross over into the fanatic realm in any of them. This is not a knock towards any of the people who waited in the lines to go crazy over that which they love. I just don’t seem to be built that way. First of all, I hate lines with a passion. I can barely tolerate going to Disneyland. Sheri and I tend to ride a lot of single rider rides when we go because she hates lines too. Some of the lines at Comic-Con are ridiculous. I would probably have turned into a babling idiot after waiting in them for hours upon end (despite many readers beliefs I am not normally a babbling idiot. No really, I’m not).

I thought about who might make me wait in a ginormous line. I came up with only one name, Terry Pratchett. I love Mr. Pratchett’s work. You could power a small city with my love for his words. Even that enormous amount of admiration wouldn’t make me wait in a giant line for a chance to meet him if not for one thing. I have a first edition of Good Omens, the book he wrote with Neil Gaiman. I have always wanted to get both of their autographs on the book.

I met a few famous people this last weekend. All of them were chance encounters. They all treated me nicely. I said hi. They said hi. We moved on. I actually get far more excited meeting people who I have been talking to on Twitter for years. I think my years of managing a bookstore and arranging autograph parties for people I really respected took a little of the gloss off of seeing famous people. I like to talk to people. Meeting people and having conversations is what gets my blood boiling. Getting sneak peeks of a show. Standing in line for exclusive collectibles. Staring on dreamy-eyed from afar don’t seem to be part of my geek make-up.

Don’t get me wrong. I would love to share a meal with any number of people but again this means conversation will be involved. As much as I admire Nathan Fillion, Neil Patrick Harris, or Felicia Day I just don’t see myself ever waiting in a line which requires I bring several meals with me. This doesn’t mean if I ever had a chance to talk to them I wouldn’t be completely nervous (I proved that this last year when I finally got a chance to talk to Felicia Day). I think I will always be a good fan but I have been left off the fanatic bus. I will leave that to my crazy friends….I mean passionate friends.

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