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First Church of Goldblum

Jeff Goldblum insists he is not dead but apparently Twitter does not agree. Nor apparently does the New Zealand Today Show who ran a news story live that he had passed away on his movie set in New Zealand. I love Twitter and use it way too much, but I guarantee you the moment it becomes the news source that I go to for confirmation of big stories is the moment I am drinking my dinner through a straw while wearing adult diapers.

I thought that CNN having a reporter sitting in front of a computer screen reading posts about what was supposedly happening in Iran was bad enough, but not fact checking a rumor is just unforgivable. I think that people are pulling their journalism degrees out of Cracker Jack boxes.

At least CNN knew that most of the Iran Twitters were probably not accurate and told us so. It wasn’t like there was any better news source for information coming out of Iran. The only problem I had with CNN is that they blew off one of their own reporters when she suggested that all the Twitters should be taken with a grain of salt. They of course went right back to the silly Twitter guy who kept reminding us that all of these Tweets were happening real time.

I think the delivery of news is changing and will look radically different with each passing year. Here’s hoping that doesn’t mean journalism takes a back seat to speed. I love The Daily Show but don’t “real” news organizations get tired of being made to look foolish with relative ease. Is there no respect left at any of those networks, you couldn’t tell by watching them.

In the mean time I have decided that it is time to make my first million dollars. Time to form my own religion. The first church of Goldblum, he rose from the dead and he can Twitter. People will follow.

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