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Frak You Very Much Bing!

I probably shouldn’t write this post. My eyes are barely able to stay open. I am hopped up on NyQuil (although I have written some of my best blogs on that green elixir). I spent all day in bed yesterday and barely dragged myself into work today. I am exhausted and sad. I am unable to pull myself away from the tragic events in Japan. This has also led to a few other emotions. Like extreme anger. Some things are really starting to piss me off.

You want to know why Microsoft is no longer relevant? I’ll tell you why because they are run by a bunch of idiots who actually thought a great marketing campaign this last weekend would be to suggest people retweet what ultimately amounts to an advertisement for Bing. Retweet and we will give a dollar to Japan’s relief fund. To which I can only say, fuck you very much Bing. You can shove your search engine up the ass of whatever genius at Microsoft thought this would be a good idea.

I mean seriously were you sitting around a room when some dimwit actually thought, “Wow, there is an opportunity to get our name in front of this one.”  I know they weren’t the only ones but really they should have known better. You only had to look at Apple and Google who both immediately sprang into action without actually asking for anything in return. Microsoft did eventually fall on their swords and give the $100,00 without the retweets but it took some nasty public outcry to make it happen.

While I got my mad-on fully raging let’s throw the idiots for all the US news organizations on the fire. Most of them are blindly spreading misinformation about the nuclear crisis in Japan. It seems every time I watch, some new piece of crap is broadcast out over the airwaves. Most of the time they are just guessing or making stuff up. When they do actually have someone on who can explain what is happening they cut them off or simply don’t listen to what they are actually saying (yeah, I am looking at you Wolf Blitzer!). This thing is scary enough. Try not to act like a damn propaganda machine (yeah, I know it’s hard for you but somewhere deep down I suspect there is a real news person itching to get out).

Everyday this disaster in Japan grows worse. Today, I actually read the relief donations world wide have only totaled 23 million. After the same amount of days the Haiti total was 150 million. I understand that Haiti was a much more destitute country before the quake but it doesn’t change the fact that a lot of people in Japan are going to need a lot of help. Here’s hoping more people step forward. I have included a link if you are feeling generous today. I continue to hope Japan is through the worst, although I suspect they are not.

If you would like to help out here is a link to the Red Cross

or text “REDCROSS” to 90999 to give a $10.00 donation

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2 Responses to “Frak You Very Much Bing!”

  1. margaret says:

    I must say I get ticked off that they always bring this back to us. Japan this and this could happen to us. Report the first story and then if you must make it about us do it in another story just about us. Do you understand what I am trying to say here? Oh my God it pissed me off when I kept seeing that. 2 seconds on Japan and then back to me. Aargh!

    And I just saw on a news crawl that 19K teachers in CA were losing their jobs. I thought for sure I would hear more about this but not finding much of anything.

    You may want to try Dayquil – the great orange elixir without the drowsiness but same great remedy. 🙂
    I say, NyQuil and ice cream make a great float and kilss two addictions at once.
    Just a thought….

    • csdaley says:

      I am using DayQuil now. There are going to be more layoffs in the big districts because they can’t deal with the continued cutbacks. My district had the teachers take a pretty big pay cut and no teachers will lose their jobs this year.

      I completely agree with you on the coverage. It has been poor and way to US centric. I don’t care about would could, might, maybe happen here. I care about real facts and the real tragic events. I have been listening to a lot of BBC news on my XM Radio. Much better coverage.

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