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Geeking Out Part 2….


It is time for me to geek out with my readers again. This is a few of the things I have been grooving on (yeah I said grooving, I am going to bring that word back into the mainstream. Just watch me people) lately.

Vicious Circle by Mike Carey

This is book two of the Felix Castor series. If you haven’t read book one (The Devil You Know) run out and get it. Felix Castor is an exorcist in a world overrun by things which go bump in the night. This paranormal series is a nice cross of a ghost story with a big helping of mystery.

Carey is quickly becoming one of my favorite authors. A long time comic book writer (he is writing my favorite comic right now called Unwritten). Carey’s first two novels were great. Castor is a very compelling character. Flawed in so many ways but desperately trying to make the world safe for himself, friends, and ghosts alike. The books are scary and well written. I can’t wait to get to the next one.

mshivers.jpgMr. Shivers by Robert Jackson Bennett

Another horror story set back during the great depression. It is about one man’s quest to hunt down a murderer who shattered his life. The story walks a very interesting line between the supernatural violence and the violence man is capable of. It has an ending you can see from a mile away and a pace which might be too slow for some. This didn’t stop me from enjoying the compelling trek across a poverty stricken America to confront an evil force known only as Mr. Shivers.

New York Times Ipad Application

This is my new favorite app on my iPad. The first version of the New York Times was just awful. They have been working on this version for a little while now. Feels just like reading the paper. As a long time reader of the Times I am happy they have finally put a good version on my iPad. It is free for now but I suspect they will be charging in the future.

FalloutNewVegas_box.jpgFallout: New Vegas

I loved the first Fallout on my Xbox 360 and am stoked that the new version is delivering the goods. So far it hasn’t brought a whole lot of new stuff to the plate (I am barely into this game. I suspect I will be putting in a good 50 hours or more before I am done) but after the disaster which was Mafia II, I am thankful to have some nice gory post apocalyptic shooting.
JescaHoop-Hunting-my-dress.jpgHunting My Dress by Jesca Hoop
This album has been on constant rotation on my iPod this last couple of weeks. It came out a few months ago and I recently caught the track, The Kingdom, on one of my podcasts and loved it immediately. She has a haunting voice and lyrics I could listen to over and over again. She has become the voice in my head I now hear for one of the characters in my new novel. My favorite song on the album is easily Intelligentactile 101 but there isn’t a song I don’t like on this wonderful album.

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  1. Merri says:

    >i liked watching fallout 3 (i dont usually play video games, i watch my roommate play them as i come and go out of the room lol). those cartoon 50s things, & just the whole concept, so creepy/weird.

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