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Geeking Out Part 8….

It is that wonderful time where I share with you the lovely things which are making my geek heart do the tango. It has been a good month for reading. One of my best in a long time. Got a lot of novels read and liked quite a few of them. I am really trying to make sure I do more reading and less TV watching. The day job (teaching) and the night job (writing) have crunched my time considerably. It is up to me to make sure reading doesn’t get squeezed out. As always I hope you can find something which makes your inner geek glow.

The Sweetness at the Bottom of the Pie – Alan Bradley

This has been in my waiting to be read list for a long time. I shouldn’t have waited so long. Flavia Deluce is simply one of the most delightful young adult characters I have ever read. She is also a true geek girl. Set just after World War II in England, it centers around Flavia’s love for all things chemistry and the dead body found in the garden. A great mystery for young and old. It deserved all the accolades which were heaped on it.

The Scarecrow – Michael Connelly

Michael Connelly has always been one of my favorite writers. He is also one of the only mystery writers who has created a shared world for all of his characters. When you read his books you are likely to see characters from any of his other books show up. Connelly is a great chronicler of what is going on in the world. He often surrounds his mysteries in current social and economic problems. The Scarecrow is no different. At its heart it is a serial killer book but it is also a story about the failing newspaper world and the death of journalism.

Coat of Arms – The Golden Dogs

This caused quite the mystery in my house this morning. I could not figure out where I bought this album. According to their website it isn’t available until April 26th and yet I am pretty sure I bought the album off their website. So consider this a preview of another great album. I only recently started listening to The Golden Dogs but I quickly bought up their entire back list. They are a treat. Check out Permanent and Weapon to see if this album is for you.

EUREKA – Mother Mother

This band is quickly rising to the top of my favorites list. Their last two albums were great. The song Hayloft was so good I often find myself humming it throughout the day for no particular reason. They have not disappointed me with the new CD. I am not sure how to describe their music. They are alternative rock but they love experimenting with different sounds (this includes the way they use their voices). I really do adore this band. They cheer me up every time I put them on the iPod. Check out Original Spin and Chasing It Down to get a taste of musical joy.


I really meant to see this movie in the theaters. The problem is I don’t much like going to movie theaters anymore. I find most of the time people in the theater mess with my enjoyment. So I know I am way late to the party for this one but if you haven’t seen it, you should. If for no other reason to see a director at the top of his game. Christopher Nolan is fearless. He trusts that the audience watching his movies are smart. He then takes that smartness and spends the next two hours fucking with you. I didn’t like this one as much as I enjoyed Memento, but it was still very good. A movie that I will definitely watch again because there were so many layers to it. I imagine Nolan has become the director that M. Night Shyamalen had hoped he would become after the success of the Sixth Sense. Nobody out there right now is doing what Nolan is. It gives me hope for the new Superman movie.

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