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Gen Con 2018 Day 2

Hello, my name is Christopher and I have a legacy problem. Welcome to my Gen Con day 2 recap. I managed to keep my wallet in my pocket today. This was a good thing because yesterday I might have spent a little too much money. Don’t get me wrong, I might not be done but at least for today I managed to keep my 4th rate Fort Knox credit card in my billfold (wish I could have done that yesterday. After spending a month’s salary, I went onto losing my credit card. Got it cancelled but now I have to break a different card).

We got to walk around and play a few games today. My least favorite of the ones I looked at was Jetpack Joyride which looked like a Blokus knockoff, only not as good. To be fair I know the game isn’t done yet but my first impression was not good. The surprise of the day was Expancity which looked pretty basic but sucked me in immediately. Easy rules to understand but loads of fun to play. I would have bought it at the con but they were sold out. I did place a pre-order (I am not counting this as a con expenditure. If they have to ship it to me later it doesn’t count. I am not sure Sheri is buying that argument). I also played and enjoyed Nemo’s War but didn’t pull the string on buying it. I only have a couple more spots in the suitcase and didn’t want to give up on being wowed by something else.

We spent a couple hours in the live Dice Tower Podcast. This was not a good thing. It was like watching future dollars leak out of my pocket. Different publishers announced a bunch of games that I knew I was going to want to own. The stand outs were Machi Koro Legacy, remember I have legacy problem, don’t judge me. I enjoy Mach Koror. Not sure what a legacy version is going to look like but I am game. Next up on the must buy was Aftershocks by Alan Moon. The map of San Francisco and Moon meant I was in trouble right away. The big one though had to be Return to Dark Tower. Which honestly I probably wouldn’t have cared about except it is being designed by Rob Daviau (the originator of my legacy problem)and Isaac Childress (the man who stuffed more game into a box than should be possible).

Those were the highlights of day two. Day three will probably be a short one for us tomorrow. It is usually the most crowded day (although Friday’s are suppose to be big and I thought today felt a little light. Thursday was way more crowded) and we might skip out early if we are having trouble getting into games. Still having fun feeding my addiction and hoping I won’t lose anymore credit cards.

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