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Ginormous Blog Crossover Event

That’s right this is a crossover blog. In about three sentences you will have to go to another blog where I will finish my thought. You will then be informed of the new blog to go from there and some point in the near future you will actually get to read the complete piece of crap blog as it winds its way back to the starting point. Or you could say fuck it and not read the thing at all which is what I usually do when the comics I am reading decide to try and milk me for every last dollar I have.

I am sure comic book companies are making lots of money on all these wonderful event projects they have going. I even admit to liking a few of them when I was much younger (I was a big fan of the original Crisis On Infinite Earths). Now they just piss me the hell off. It’s bad enough when a company has one huge one running (like DC’s Brightest Day right now) but some companies have what seems to be like a thousand of them going at the same time (yeah, I am looking at you Marvel).

Most of the time I feel like the story is barely held together and often it is just a very contrived way to make you buy a book you would never have bought in the first place. What I really hate is when the crossover tendrils slip their nasty tentacles into a book I collect and it makes no sense what so ever. This happened in Moon Knight during Civil War. Suddenly, Iron Man was there having a conversation with Moon Knight and then he was gone. It was baffling and stupid.

I used to try and keep up with some of the big events but now more often than not it makes me just want to cancel books. I have been completely digging Daredevil the last few years and then suddenly he has this stupid crossover event that is happening in a bazzillion different books, some of which they started just to have a crossover in. Suddenly, the main book doesn’t even have the main storyline. Now I have to buy some mini-series called Shadowland to see what is happening with the characters whose comic book I have been subscribed to for almost ten years. The end result was bye-bye Daredevil.

The recent Bruce Wayne is dead storyline wasn’t much better but at least they managed to contain most of the storyline in the two man Batman books. I still didn’t really know what was going on, nor did I care. When Bruce Wayne was suddenly back and Batman had a bunch of new series I felt no inclination to buy any of them.

Now Marvel has another one coming, “Fear Itself”. All I could think of when I saw it was, I only fear which of my books you are going to screw around with to make your dumb series cross over to all of them. It is mind boggling but it must be working or they wouldn’t keep doing it. I wonder how many long time superhero readers like myself are finally just throwing up their hands and walking away. Don’t get me wrong I like long story lines. I just like them contained to one book. I am not going to track all the books down I need to buy in order to keep up. It annoys me.

Speaking of things that annoy me (totally off subject but what the hell it is my blog. You should be thankful I didn’t send you somewhere else to read it. Wait maybe I should be thankful you didn’t say fuck it) what is up with the new Fantastic Four. I am okay with Spider-Man joining (he actually has a long history of wanting to join the Fantastic Four) but the new costumes are jarring. I am not sure I can stare at those things page after page in a comic. Way too white for my taste. Don’t even get me started on ditching the name Fantastic Four. They have been the Fantastic Four for 50 years and the best you can do was Future Foundation. That name sucks in so many ways porn stars are going to be lining up for tips.

I am sure the new direction for Spider-Man and the Fantastic Four will lead to some exciting Marvel cross over event which will require us to buy the 828 different Spider-Man comics and attend the Broadway musical to understand what the hell is going on but I am going to have to pass. I simply can’t support a superhero group which sounds like a cult waiting for the next fly by of Haley’s Comet.

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  1. Nothingman says:

    >Well, yeah, its irritating to check into all the comics storylines. It definitely puts the readers off. I tried to follow the recent Siege comic crossover(s) and it all got confusing. I take it with a grain of salt and anyway. So be it.N

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