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Hey Apple! I’ve Already Forgotten


Some companies just can’t help themselves. They need to ratchet up the hype to levels where anything short of a zombie apocalypse seems like kind of a let down. Apple is one of those companies. I mean seriously, if you checked into their website yesterday and saw the note, “Tomorrow is just another day. That you’ll never forget.” You had to be wondering what they had up their sleeve this time.

You wonder this because sometimes Apple delivers the goods. They make products which boggle your mind. When Lord Jobs really has his groove on Apple is a game changer. I admit my expectations were piqued. Would we get subscription music, cloud base storage, an iPad software upgrade that made my WiFi actually work. The possibilities were endless.

What did we get, The Beatles on iTunes. To which I respond with a very large yawn. You know when The Beatles on iTunes mattered? Back when they issued the remastered CDs. Maybe back when iTunes started although digital copies probably would have sucked canal water. The Beatles on iTunes now is a non-story except for the fact it will allow Lord Jobs to crow for a little while and wave his butt in Amazon’s face like the king of the jungle he is.

Don’t get me wrong I love The Beatles and I admit I have succumbed to buying their music with each new method of delivery. In fact I would bet that is what Apple and The Beatles (surviving members and family) were hoping for. That the psychological disorder which forces the compulsion to buy all versions of The Beatles would kick in and make them a mint again (I really do think a psychologist should investigate this. I think there’s some sort of Beatles hoarding going on out there).

In the end all this will do will allow the few remaining souls who were holding out for an iTunes version of The Beatles catalog (I wrote that sentence without laughing. I don’t think anyone was waiting for an iTunes version) to buy the music….again. The Beatles will continue to grow fabulously wealthy and eventually buy the United States as our value sinks in the world market. Lord Jobs will stick a feather in his cap that no one really cares about but him, but hell he’s Lord Jobs so that is all that matters. In the meantime we will all sit around and wait for the next great Apple announcement. It better involve zombies, they owe me one now.

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