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Hey, Corporate Drone Music Executive – Take My Money Please

I buy a lot of music. This new carpet thing has driven that home because I still have hundreds and hundreds of compact discs that do nothing but gather dust. Why are they gathering dust? The answer is easy I don’t listen to compact discs. I only have these discs to keep myself legal. I have tried very hard through the years to not be a pirate. To stay on the right side of the rules. To support all my favorite artists. I don’t get rid of the CDs because I know the rules say I can’t put music on my iPod from a CD and then sell the CD (although I am seriously considering giving them away to charity but I know this too probably breaks the rules). It pains me that I try to play by the rules but I know that the musical corporate hates me. They have always hated me. I am only a dollar sign.

Every rule ever made has only penalized the honest consumer. I try to live my life in a way that would allow me to be held up to my students as someone who stands by what they believe in. I believe pirating someone’s copyright is stealing. We are not entitled to have it just because we can get it easily. There are days though when the urge to track down a corporate pencil pusher and punch him in the skull is almost too much to resist. When the iPod came out they forced Apple to cripple it and put DRM on it. Now, Apple is going to provide a cloud service that I will have to pay more for because the music industry wants a licensing fee for me to store my music in the cloud. Music, I have already bought. The list goes on forever.

Nothing frustrates me more than the inability to buy music from artists I like who are not currently for sale in the United States. How is anything not for sale anywhere in this day and age? It is a digital file for fraks sake. So me, the honest customer, doesn’t get to own it unless I pay some crazy price to have it imported. It happens all the time. Today, I heard a song on XM that I loved by the artist KO. I hopped onto iTunes and struck out. Went to Amazon and e-music, no dice. At this point I knew what was coming. Not available to purchase in the US. Where does this artist currently reside and sell his CDs? Why Canada. Do you know how annoying it is to have something I want only available in Canada? (I can hear my Canadian friends snickering already.)

Of course, it is available in the Canadian iTunes store. I want to give them my money but I can’t. I can’t even go to the artists web site and buy the music because I am sure whatever label he is currently signed to has some contract language that requires him to give up his first-born child and not sell his music without papa’s permission. If I was a pirate I would be listening to the music while I typed this blog. Mass media needs to catch up. They keep acting like somehow the digital age is a controllable beast but it isn’t. It is going to morph and morph again. Find a way to take my money you silly corporate drone when I want to give it to you and if at all possible stop hating me so much. It is starting to make me angry. You won’t like me when I am angry.

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