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How I Pissed Off John Cusack



In 8th grade I was voted by my class most likely to grow up and annoy the shit out of someone. I won this distinction by turning my classroom into my own personal stage. I admit I took glee in driving my teacher into fits of head pounding rage. I didn’t care, woman hit me with a ruler. All bets are off once the ruler comes into play.

In high school, I once got an English teacher to throw a desk and kick a garbage can. He was a crappy teacher and every kid in the class talked because he never actually taught us anything. One day he yelled at my neighbor for talking about poetry with me (I believe he was talking about his new Apple computer). I guess he thought he was going to yell at me next. I explained to him in a few choice words why he would be wasting his breath. Hence, the desk throwing.

This ability has followed me right into adulthood. My unerring ability to tell exactly what I think about something has led me into a black sheep existence in my school district. The only reason I haven’t been fired is I get results with my students and my students genuinely like me. The way it works is if your students like you, their parents almost always do.

This year I have stepped into it more than usual. Got called into the office for having a classroom discussion about using “gay” as a hate word. Had a student pulled out of my class because the parents were ultra conservative and didn’t like me (student did).

These last two days I have brought the art of pissing people off to a new level. It all started innocent enough. One of my Twitter friends posted John Cusack had followed her (@adamslisa) but he had also posted a message saying he followed and unfollowed with reckless disregard to Twitter etiquette. This statement amused me greatly so I followed him and sent a note, “Just followed @johncusack who says he follows & unfollows with reckless disregard. Well so do I John Cusack, don’t let the suspense kill you.”

I followed this note with another one the next day which said, “I haven’t unfollowed you yet John Cusack but it is coming. Don’t be angry or sad. You brought this on yourself.” I laughed when I got a response from him, “@csdaley here let me help you decide…”

Only problem is apparently Mr. Cusack has been going at it with people over politics (something I was not aware of). I took his response back as a joke and followed up with a new message. I think I am a funny guy. I know there are people who think I am a funny guy. Sometimes I am not as funny as I think I am.

John Cusack apparently agrees because he blocked me on Twitter. I don’t mean to piss people off, it’s a gift. Okay, that is a bold face lie. I do mean to piss people off and do so all the time. This just wasn’t one of them. I will admit I was amused by the reactions of my friends on Twitter. Some were actually mad and others were smacking me around with the sarcasm I so richly deserved.

I am not mad he blocked me. Shit happens. If some bizarre occurrence in the space time continuum happens and I ever meet him. I will tell him I love his movies and have a laugh over my joke failure. It does show you how hard it is to communicate true intent in 140 characters. In the meantime I am going to go get a t-shirt made which says, “I got blocked by John Cusack. I am more annoying than you are!”


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16 Responses to “How I Pissed Off John Cusack”

  1. Anonymous says:

    >Just so you know. You're not the only one who Cusack is annoyed by. He blocks everyone who mentions grammar.

  2. Teri Folks says:

    >LOL! I loved reading your blog. As a teacher, I'm right there with you. Just wondering? Are you an Aspie?? Your blog sounds just like my son with Asperger's talking. LOL!

  3. Christopher says:

    >I don't have Asperger's but I am sure something is wrong with me.

  4. Kdvb1 says:

    >You should definitely make that t-shirt and take a pic and post it! Too funny! There's an actor I met who was a real jerk(I'm being REALLY polite here) so I have him blocked on twitter. He'll never know as I'll never tweet him and he'll never try to follow me…but it just makes me happy to know I've blocked him. Mwahahahaha! ;oD

  5. Anonymous says:

    >Can't believe you managed to piss off Cusak and am sorry to see he's such an ass (I read his tweets and he comes across as one anyway; I say this with regret since I love his movies). BTW, I was voted both "best hair" and "most likely to invent a remote control so she can boss people around" in school. Was originally offended by the latter but am now working on that remote control thing. ~jynxetta

  6. ACLambart says:

    >Ha Ha Ha – Funny – Well done!

  7. Anonymous says:

    >seriously. he is such as ass. I agree. I had a friend told him if you could follow those gals back after they called him Asshole after Cusack unfollowed him… why don't you follow her back given the fact that she has been very supportive for a very long time. Cusack took it hard w/ her comment and just blocked her.. Just like that! WTF!

  8. Anonymous says:

    >Don't take it personally. He LOVES to block people and not just for grammar comments or vitriol. I too was blocked after I innocuously asked him to buy a dvd of a movie I worked on.

  9. Anonymous says:

    >You also said that you were going to teach him a lesson at the end of one tweet, that sounds like a threat to me and I can see why he blocked you.

  10. Christopher says:

    >He blocked me before the last Tweet went out. I didn't even know he had blocked me when i sent it. Truthfully I have been following his tweets for a couple days now & I am feeling no great loss.

  11. jules says:

    >Ha ha. You totally made John Cusack notice you. I need to do that! Ha ha.

  12. >Today on twitter he started telling some Say Anything fans that they were halfwits and to unfollow him. Then he called them all trolls. I responded to him asking him what on earth he was doing pissing off all his fans and that it might hurt his career and he sent me a direct message telling me that he thought I was threatening him and told me to "go to hell", then blocked me. He has been my favourite actor since I was 9 years old (now 35), I'm very saddened by this, I was only worried for him as he seems so angry. He must really be miserable with his life to be turning his back on his fans like that. I actually feel sorry for him.

  13. Laura says:

    >Haha! I was just blocked by Cusack! I said "I hear you're a total ass.. Prove me wrong." And he said "No you just bring out the worst in me.. You just have that talent." I mean, hell, how many people can say they were blocked by a movie star? Lets celebrate!

  14. Yesterday I told him he looked good in Hot Tub Time Machine and he blocked me haha beat that 🙂

  15. JDS says:

    This post isn’t really just about John Cusack. I too have this ability to piss people off: intentionally and unintentionally. Do you think it’s the sign of a good teacher?

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