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Incarnaotors Week 13

A little bit slower of a writing week this week. I still went over the 70,000 word mark. The DC reviews blog takes up a lot of writing time on Wednseday and a little bit Tuesday setting it up. It’s okay though because I really like writing that blog. I don’t mind trading a little writing time.

On the Incarnators front line I have officially reached the home stretch. I have only 20,000 words to go. This is an estimate, but I will hit it pretty close. All of the story lines are at the point where they will start barreling towards each other.

I reintroduced a villain from the first book and a minor character from the second. There is war ragging all over the book and magic has become a big part of the story. I have come to the realization that this story will end but there might be future tales to be told in this world. The main players will have a lot of rebuilding to do. Might not be another trilogy but I can see a stand alone someday (assuming I ever start selling enough books to warrant a return visit).

I will finish up around the middle of October. By then I should also have the third book’s cover in hand to share. I had a great idea for the cover and am hoping my designer can pull it off (if he can’t it’s my fault because I am a pain in the ass and I’m always asking for hard stuff).

I have definitely decided my next book to write will be my rock and roll ghost story. I actually have been writing the end of the book in my head while showering these last few weeks (I do some of my best writing while in the shower).

Once the end of book writes itself I feel compelled to fill in the rest. Thanks for sticking with me as I trudged my way through the last book of the series. It is funny to think about how hard it was to get this book going and now I am racing towards the end.

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