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Incarnators Week 1 Redo

This week I learned a very valuable writing lesson. I am very dedicated to making my daily word count goal on my novels while on vacation. That is as long as the novel is already started. Apparently, if it is a brand new novel, not so much.

We spent a glorious week in New York and I wrote exactly nothing in Incarnators. I thought about it a whole lot. In the shower. On the subway. While we were walking. I am sure there were a few zone out moments while eating dinner (nothing too bad since Sheri never gave me the look. Unless of course I zoned out the look).

The days were just packed. Every night we got back to the hotel room and I would plan to sit down and start. Then I would go exercise. Take a shower. Lie down and not start. The week was a total loss when it comes to words on screen.

All is not lost though. I sit typing this blog from the Newark Airport. We are on our way to Orlando to visit Grandma. Orlando visits have a lot of down time. Grandma doesn’t get around like she used to. So I will positively, absolutely be writing something this week. The goal to start is 1000 words a day which I hope to increase to 2000 a day after I get back from the San Diego Comic-con.

Next week when you check in I will have exciting new information about toying the last book of the Dark Lands Trilogy (by exciting I mean I am going to tease you and give a way nothing).

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