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Incarnators Week 11

Merrily we roll along, roll along. I have zipped past the halfway point. I will reach 53,000 words sometime this weekend. I wouldn’t call it the homestretch but I can see the finish line. Everything is going well and all the story parts are coming together. I think it will be a nice conclusion to the trilogy.

About the only thing I am regretting right now is introducing my new character in third book and not sooner. I am really enjoying writing him. I think he has more story. I think I am definitely going to write a short story at some point in the future with him as the star. I also have the image in my head I want for my cover and will be sending out the notes to my cover designer this weekend.

I should be done with the book sometime between October 16th and November 1st. I am really hoping to be done by my birthday. At that point it will be a few solid months of editing. The plan is still to have Incarnators out in December. I will then have Keepers out sometime around March of next year.

In other writing news. I pulled out a bunch of old rejection slips this week. I will tell you this, I have very few regrets about how my life turned out. I didn’t produce writing for almost a decade and for a long time this made me both angry and sad. Now I don’t worry about it. It is what it is. The one regret I do have is I was close to breaking in at Marvel Comics. As I went back and read the rejections it was pretty clear to me they were helping me and trying to get me better. Sadly, the idiocy of my youth got in the way (along with a whole lot of other crap). It is still my hope to someday see my name inside a comic. Until then the writing train just keeps heading down the tracks.

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