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Incarnators Week 12

What a lazy weekend I have had. I decided Friday night I needed some recharge time this weekend. So I took it off. I am seventy percent of the way through my novel. The current word count is 61,000 words and if I have the same type of week I have been having I will go over 70,000 this week.

Even more importantly every single one of the character story lines are in the perfect place. I am very happy with the way the end of the book is shaping up. I am definitely in the home stretch. Several of the story threads are about to connect and the book is going to end with a big bang.

I am also fighting with myself as an author about the death of a character. I had a character that was not going to make it. As the book has rolled on I have wondered about the decision. The problem might be is too many wheels have been set in motion. I might not be able to unpull the trigger.

I find things like this very interesting. When characters don’t do exactly what I want. In the first book there was a character I planned on killing in the first three chapters and that character is still with us. On the other hand, I had two characters who I always knew were goners and eventually my grim reaper got them. Writing is a big puzzle. I just try to fit all the pieces together in a way which is enjoyable and makes sense.

I will finish the book in October. Then I will take a week off and dive into editing. I have Keepers to edit also. So this means I will be editing probably until the end of the year. Originally, I was going to move back to the rewrite of my steam punk book (which I still think there is a great novel in there somewhere but I haven’t found it). Instead, I think I am leaning towards my ghost story.

The ghost story has been rattling around in my brain for the last few months but lately it has begun to occupy a lot of my thinking time (when I am not thinking about the end of Incarnators). I was in the shower the other day and actually began outlining the first few chapters. I don’t think I am going to be able to not write it. The story doesn’t look like it is going to leave me alone. In the meantime, I am about three weeks from finishing up Incarnators. Can’t wait to have another book done.

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