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Incarnators Week 14

Just a quick update to let everyone know what is going on. I crossed over the 80,000 word mark this weekend. The word count goal for this book was 90,000. I am going to go over that. I don’t think it will be much over but I know I am not wrapping this book up in the next 10,000 words.

I will be wrapping it up. I am firmly at the conclusion of the book. Sometime over the next two weeks this book’s first draft is done. I am excited and somewhat relieved. I was never really sure I was going to finish this trilogy until I decided I didn’t want them sitting in a box on a shelf. I am glad I did though.

The sense of accomplishment at having finished a trilogy is pretty cool. It will also be my second novel of the year. Not sure what my plan is for next year but I am going to shoot for two books again.

I am happy with the way the end of the book has come together. I haven’t quite decided how the last chapter is going to read. I don’t think it is going to be the big Star Wars ending where everyone meets up and lives happily ever after. There was a lot of death and tragedy in this series. I think the ending will reflect that.

I have also been thinking about a stand alone novel set in the Dark Lands but it is a long way down the road. I have a few projects clamoring to get done before then. After I finish up the book I will take some time off before starting to edit it. Once I start though I will be pounding through it. I want to get the book out in December. This will give me about two months to finish the editing. Then it will be onto the next one.

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