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Incarnators Week 16

Welcome to the shortest novel update ever. Today is my birthday and I have been informed by my brother that I am suppose to take the day off. I was going to write something yesterday but I was still recovering from food poisoning. If you have never had food poisoning, consider yourself lucky.

This is the second time I have had it in my life and it is miserable. I am serious, it should be used as an interogation device. I thought I was dying. I would have told anyone anything just to make it stop. It was a long 6 hours before it let up enough to go to sleep. Yesterday was better and today I appear almost full speed.

As for Incarnators, I am almost done. How almost? It will be finished this week. I think I have about 8,000 more words to go. Hard to completely estimate but I know this is close. I will cross over the 90,000 word mark tomorrow. The final word count will be somewhere between 95,000 and 100,000.

I am in the process of writing the final big fight. Then I have a little wrap up to leave characters in a lovely place going forward. This isn’t going to be a Disney finish. There will be some loose ends. My ending in a lot of ways will be the beginning of my characters next journey. It is a journey I will not be writing. I may go back someday but I never planned on ending it where everything was “happy ever after”. My plan had always been, we survived. Next week this blog will be writing about how excited I am to be done.

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