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Incarnators Week 17

Ladies and gentleman we have completion. The first draft is done. I finished it on Thursday and this is the first time I have sat down at the keyboard since. I needed some days off and I took them. It felt great. I played a lot of video games and read a couple of books.

This is my second completed novel of the year. I have now written over 200,000 words this year. I have slayed a lot of words. I am a regular word serial killer. It feels great to be done. Especially, since there was a time I was unsure if this novel would ever get written. The decision to publish it on my own was a good one. It forced me to finish it. I have now completed my first trilogy. I am fairly certain it won’t be my last.

Now I am going to take the rest of October off from working on novels. I might dabble on my comic script. Not sure yet. I might need some kickback time. I need to read a few more novels. When Novemeber comes around I begin editing. I will have two novels to edit. So it is going to be a while before I get to the next novel. Probably not until next year around March.

My goal is still Decemeber to get Incarnators out. I will then immediately begin working on the Keepers editing and hope to have it out by March or April. Then it will be back to writing novels. I still hope to get two written next year. I know which ones I am going to be working on next and feel confident I will be able to get them out. In the meantime, I am going to take some well deserved time off. It has been months of solid writing and now will be months of editing. This writing thing never seems to end.


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  1. Grats on completing the novel draft. Two in one year is pretty good.

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