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Incarnators Week 3

Comic-Con is over. It was a busy weekend. This is the only day of the week I have actually made it back to my hotel before 2 am. I love Comic-Con but it takes it out of you. If that isn’t bad enough this trip has been travel hell. I am currently on hold waiting to get my tickets fixed (now well over an hour on hold).

You add in the nightmare travel down and I am really wishing I had driven. I can’t wait to be home again. I did a little writing this week but as predicted my writing sucked. I was barely in the room and only had time to peck out a few words at a time.

The plan now is to catch myself up. This next week I will be writing as much as my little brain can handle. I want to be caught back up with my timeline by the end of August. I took it easy this week but I know I can get it done. Right now I should be at 12,000 words and I am not. I hope I can catch up after one week but we shall see.

My goal for completion of the book is October. As of right now I have no worries about making the deadline. I will also be releasing Book 2 next week. I am really excited to hear what my readers think about the direction of the story. I also told Sheri I really have a goal of making it back to Comic-Con on my own (my first 2 cons were under someone else’s passes). I have a few things I will take a swing at and see how they work out. Check in next week for some actual news about how the writing is going.

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