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Incarnators Week 4

My suckage knows no limits right now. I got back from Comic-Con and slept all week. I did very little writing this week. I am going to have to hit the reset button and stop worrying about where I thought I should be right now. Instead, I will concentrate on getting myself back on a regular routine.

Part of the problem is I restarted several characters. I didn’t like the pacing on the early chapter. In the past two books I have kept the pace brisk with lots of cliff hangers. Starting this book so soon after Keepers left me in a much more deliberate pace (Keepers builds in the early chapters and then gets rolling like a coaster).

It’s not all bad news on the writing front. I have finished Whispers of the Dead formatting and will be submitting it for publication tomorrow. It should be up for sale by Thursady this week. I will, of course, keep everyone informed. I also have outlined a few new zombie dad stories and came up with a brilliant title for the next collection (yeah, I am going to make you wait).

I feel rested and my brain feels like it is in the right place so I am throwing out all past expectaions for Incarnators and starting my new goal tomorrow. I am looking to do 2000 words a day until school starts back up. Then it will go to 1000 minimum with the hopes of a 2000. This will still allow me to finsih the book by December. Now, if I could just sell a few thousand of them to pay for all the home repairs I have to do the world would be golden.

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