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Incarnators Week 5

I am learning some very important things about myself right now. Like, apparently I do in fact need a break from time to time. I wrote a novel, a short story collection, edited a novel and started a new novel with no breaks. To say the new novel has started off slower than hell would be an understatement. I am so burnt right now I can’t even bring myself to blog. It feels like I have absolutely nothing to add to the world at this particular moment. I haven’t even been on Twitter. There have been no words inside of me aching to get out.

This is not writer’s block though. I know the story I want to write. I write when I can bring myself to sit in front of the computer to do it. I have just not felt like sitting in front of the computer. This week we have been shopping for carpet, had our roof repaired, and priced out cabinets. I have felt exhausted and sleepy. When I wake I have not wanted to work on the novel because when I do I find myself criticizing every word I commit to the page. By Tuesday of this last week I knew it was time to punt. I stopped trying to write. No blogging, no writing, no work. I read novels and played video games. I tried to keep my pets from losing their minds as the roofers pounded away on the ceiling (another giant distraction to writing). In short, I took a deep breath and tried to reenergize the juices. I needed a writing break. No guilt just relaxation.

I think it worked. I feel much better today. I find myself mapping out threads of the novel in my head. I am feeling antsy to get to work again. Really get to work, not the dribble of words which has been the last four weeks. I am not going to jump right in. I want my brain to be begging to get writing. I know it is coming. I will take Sunday to finish reading the book I have going. I will play a little Spider-Man on my X-Box and see how I feel Monday. If I am not ready I will rinse, lather, and repeat. I have always taken a few weeks off between novels and this time I didn’t. This was a mistake and my writing suffered. Now I am feeling much more relaxed and hope that soon I will be writing about my progress. I decided it was ridiculous to feel bad about it. I have already written a 120,000 word novel this year. Everything else is just bonus. I felt an urge to get the third novel done quick so my readers would have it in their hands. If it sucks this is not a good plan. My deadline of December hasn’t changed but this is because I was really smart and built-in extra time. My subconscious must have known a break would be needed.

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