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Incarnators Week 8

Well after weeks of false starts and preparation, I have officially hit the gas pedal. This was easily the best week of writing I have had. Made my word count goal every night. I finished up chapters one and two and should be done with three by tomorrow. It was a great feeling to realize I had finally got a hold of the story and began pounding out words. I admit to growing a little frustrated with myself. Now I can get down to the business of writing and creating.

I think one of the problems with getting started was how many characters and story lines I needed to make sure I addressed in the final book. I’ll tell you this, it gives me an appreciation for George R.R. Martin. I don’t know how he can possibly keep track of the billion story threads he has going. You add the words up to all three of my novels and it only equals one of his books. Goodness it must be a headache.

The most important item of writing that occurred this week is I know most of the end game. I know where and how all the characters will reach their dramatic conclusion. I can vividly see the final scene for two of them. It is always easier for me when I am writing towards an ending I have in my brain. So far the new character has been my favorite to write (probably because I have no story threads I have to worry about). I have one character I am wrestling with a little but I kind of expected that because I have since the very first book.

I am looking forward to finishing and editing. It will be kind of cool to say I finished a trilogy. It will also give me time to actually start marketing the books. Sales have slowed way down and I am sure this is because I am not out there looking for readers. I wish the marketing wasn’t so hard (this is code for I have no clue how to do it). In my perfect writer’s world I just put words on paper and readers magically find me. I’ll worry about it later. For now I am happy I got my writer’s groove back. I love this feeling. Every morning I wake up thinking about what I am going to write and every night I bang it out.

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