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Incarnators Week 9

Great week of writing this week. Had two days where I wrote over 7000 words. The word count soars past 25000 and the book is well and truly on its way to getting finished. I still have moments of writing log jams. They are usually caused by my inexperience.

I didn’t take good enough notes on the first two books so find myself going back and looking things up to make sure the plot thread is right. When I wrote Keepers I knew it was going to be a world I came back to someday so I took good notes for future books. You would think knowing this was going to be a trilogy I would have done the same for this one. I have learned it the hard way.

The story is moving at a good pace but I have a couple of plot threads I have not decided how they are going to connect. This doesn’t worry me too much because the same thing happened in the last two books and eventually I pulled everything together.

This next week will be interesting because I want to keep up the good pace but I have committed myself to a huge blog on Wednesday. I am still going to review each and every one of the new DC Universe comics. This means I am going to have to make sure I manage my time well.

On the marketing side of things I still suck hard. I am not selling as many books as I would like but I know part of this is I am not devoting enough time to marketing. I know after this book is done it is going to have to be a crash course in marketing 101. I did send out some review requests this week but have heard back from no one.

This book should be done by the end of October (although, I am still hoping for the middle around my birthday). Then I will have two books to edit and publish in a row. By the end of next year I am going to have 6 books out. I am a writing fool (which is better than the fool I usually am).

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