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It’s A Small World

Social media has made the world a very tiny place. It’s why I have a good laugh anytime some scandal breaks because some “not so intelligent” person put pictures or words out into the world with the ridiculous notion they would remain a secret. I mean seriously people it is time to catch up. This weekend we were driving to my niece’s college graduation party (another not so subtle attempt by my darling nieces to make me feel old. It’s not working though my immaturity gives me a natural defense) and passed a van on the freeway boldly decorated with the name Donavon Frankenreiter. There was a picture of a man holding a guitar so I assumed we were passing a musician’s van. I had never heard of him but his van was interesting (it demanded I smile in bold letters on the back. I tried not to but was unable to resist the urge).

I turned on my iPad (no I was not driving. I am dangerous but not that dangerous) and looked him up. I read his bio, looked at his tour page, made myself a note to listen to his music when I got home. Then on a complete lark I hit his Twitter button and left a note teasing him about his van telling me to smile. Within thirty minutes a man whom I had never met had sent me back a note on Twitter telling me where he was heading. This is a kind of amazing thing here. The ability to reach out and communicate with people is astounding. I have friends from all over the world whom I have never met.

As the world gets smaller and smaller it will be harder than ever to keep your privacy secure. I walk a fine line of wanting everyone to know who I am because I would like to sell them books and kind of hating how easy it is for people to know even the most minute of details. Still, I am not complaining. My world has been greatly enriched by social media. The friends I have made keep me sane. I understand if I put something out there people are going to see it and I will be judged. It’s the price we pay to live in this new world. The sooner everyone realizes it the less my life will have to be bombarded by ridiculous stories of people sending pictures of their genitals to unsuspecting Twitter folks.

By the way, I don’t really care if people send naked pictures. I just prefer they send them to people who want them and for them to not be stupid about it. I swear if one more person enters into sexual rehab I might have to send my zombies after them to eat their brains (this is a joke I know they don’t have any brains). In the meantime, enjoy your social networking. Remember nothing is secret anymore. Try not to ruin it for everyone. Make some new friends and don’t hurt John Cusack’s feelings on Twitter because he will block your ass.

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