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Jon Bon Jovi Delusional Historian

I need to start this blog off with full disclosure. I think the music of Bon Jovi is at its best slightly more pleasing than someone running their fingernails  across a chalkboard. I think cats in heat have more musical talent than Bon Jovi. I admit there has been an occasional song that didn’t make me want to throw up in my mouth a little. This is of course all about musical tastes and my blog readers are welcome to throw tomatoes at my opinion (hopefully you can throw better than Jon Bon Jovi can hit a note).

Now that we have that out of the way let’s get down to business. Jon Bon Jovi is delusional. He has some sort of musical memory rooted in a time that hasn’t existed in the last thirty years. I read an interview in the Sunday Times Magazine where he pines nostalgic about the great old yesteryears when you could bring your LP home and be fully immersed in the musical creation of the artists.

This does not mean I don’t think this doesn’t happen. I actually happen to think it occurs all the time but then I listen to independent music where they long ago figured out if you want someone to buy your album you make an album with more than one or two interesting songs.

For almost my entire life (which sadly has been going on for longer than I would like to admit) the music industry, run by big cooperations, has been about producing one breakout hit song which would trick a consumer into buying an album full of crap. I have a huge box of CD’s in my closet, as evidence of all the times I was fooled in my youth.

Now Jon the delusional musical historian says, “Steve Jobs is personally responsible for killing the music business.” He is right but not in the way he means. His complaint is people go to iTunes and download the one single off the crappy album and this is bad. I say Lord Jobs killed the crappy ass music industry that loved to rip off it customers by failing to produce a product worth buying.

No longer can you get away with one good song. You want to sell your album, make a good album fuckhead. I buy more albums now than I ever have. Whole albums full of wondrous beauty. Thanks to iTunes and everything that has happened because of it I get to legally sample music. Decide if it’s not crap and buy it. If I can I buy it direct from the artist. If I can’t then I buy it from the place they will make the most money.

Jon Bon Jovi doesn’t like the new world because it require a complete record. The best example I can think of why he is full of shit when it comes to huge commercial success is Green Day’s American Idiot. They purposely set out to make an album that you simply would be unable to listen to without buying the whole thing and people did. In the current world of music quality counts for something. There are huge problems in the music industry but giving the consumer a choice is not one of them.

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19 Responses to “Jon Bon Jovi Delusional Historian”

  1. margaret says:

    Wow. I completely and utterly disagree.

    • csdaley says:

      Disagree that Steve Jobs ruined the music industry or disagree that Bon Jovi sounds like cats in heat? Somehow I think it is Bon Jovi and you are lining up the tomatoes. Don’t worry though, I dodge good 😉

  2. scubax says:

    wtf! how come you become a teacher? writing some craps about probably the best musician in the planet doesn’t make you a writer.don’t waste your time as well as of the viewer’s, your no good.and i wasted my time to put some sense into you.
    P.S. forget about writing, you even won’t make a good critic.

    • csdaley says:

      Let’s see, I was good enough to make you read the entire post. Make you angry. Check out my bio and post a comment. I think I am doing alright. I shall refrain from a critique of your writing skills because that just seems mean.

  3. margaret says:

    oh heavens no about not disagreeing ‘cuz of Jon B. – although I dislike the sound of cats in heat….I dislike cats period!! No I don’t think Jobs did this but I think a multitude of issues/people did this. I agree about the issue of one song on itunes and you can’t buy an album. A collection, a whole thought. But we live in a mircrowave world now no one thinks that deeply anymore. Instant gratification – no time to read a full sentence, full book, FF through it all.
    It reminds of when Springsteen did Nebraska. It had a tone. The whole album had a tone. Taking one song and only one song doesn’t work. I’m not sure I am articulating this the best way I can. I have heard Garth Brooks speak about it and was floored that I agreed with him. I understand completely why Kid Rock, Garth Brooks etc refuse to put their music for sale there. It’s a business and I don’t think everyone has to whore themselves out to Steve Jobs if they don’t want and that being said Steve Jobs had the right to run itunes his way. I don’t own Apple stock or an ipod because well I don’t need stimulated 24/7. I’m old. Someone asked how I could paint my room without my ipod. That blew me away. Gee, I was with my own thoughts what a loser I am. I do still buy a ton of music though. And I admit back in the day I bought a Bon Jovi album. Just because I don’t share the same musical tastes doesn’t mean I would say you were wrong. You can hate on him all you want. He’s pop. I get it. I hate Michael Jackson and don’t get why everyone thinks he was all that.
    Right now I’m into Adele and didn’t buy her on itunes.

    • csdaley says:

      I Have to admit I am really not sure where are disagreement is then. All I was saying is that Steve Jobs didn’t ruin the music business. He merely gave people a legal way to download music. I love the concept of whole albums and buy them all the time. I just refuse to buy an album for one good song. Want me to buy the whole thing, make it good.

      I think there are a lot of things wrong with the music industry right now. Some of them even caused by iTunes but for me iTunes has done more good then harm. I am not a huge fan of a lot of things Lord Jobs has done (you know I poke fun at him all the time) but he fought the music industry and there ridiculous and callous way of treating customers. The freedom I have today to buy what music I want. When I want it and from who I want to buy it from (most of the times not iTunes) is a direct result of Jobs taking on the idiots of big music. Big music still would have us buying all of our music as overpriced CD’s (which they have been found guilty of price fixing for years) and passing very little money on to the most of their artists.

      We live in a world of choice now. I think it is better. As for some of your other points about instant gratification I once again don’t disagree. SO now I am feeling obtuse because to me it seems like we are mostly agreeing here (not that I mind disagreeing because you are awesome and conversation makes the world go round).

  4. BP says:

    Long live long hair bands! Lol!
    Even though I may disagree with you, I do hope that we do agree that Gwen Stefani’s caterwauling is more akin to the sound of cats in heat than JBJ…

  5. we'reanewgeneration says:

    Now I’m not trying to start a fight or anything but I have to add something in. STOP TAKING JABS AT BON JOVI!!! I feel a lot better now. I get that he may not be your favorite singer or anything but a lot of people do like him and think he’s good at what he does, myself being one of those people.

    His music may seem kinda dumb for a older singer that has been in the industry for three decades but his singing makes himself and other people happy, and that’s great. If you really take the time to sit down and listen to his album and his songs you’ll see that they are about love, heartbreak, friendship, and some sex, drinking and partying also, but they all refer to the real world and are what people go through all the time.

    His music may really just be for the younger kids that love listening his kind of music. Why would I say that you may ask. Well because I’m 14, and I just love his music. I think it’s great, I mean it always puts me in a better mood.

    So go ahead and say that he’s bad at singing or that he sounds like a cat in heat (And trust me I know what that sounds like and I really don’t think you do). But remember that a lot of people like him and would gladly fight you to the end of time. So next time you want to talk smack about him or his band complain to your wife, write it in a paper journal, or just keep it to yourself, but just don’t post it where you’re gonna make other people angry at you for talking badly about him.

    • csdaley says:

      Thanks for taking the time to write me. I am going to have to pass on your suggestion of not posting things that might anger people. It isn’t how I operate. Having said that I am hoping by now you have read a few more of my posts and see that I take great joy in sarcasm and playing with words. I don’t like Bon Jovi but I am completely okay with people who do. I also don’t think he sounds like a cat in heat because truthfully this is an insult to cats in heat (sorry, I couldn’t help myself).

      I mean it though. Thanks for writing and expressing your opinion. Your follow up post about cats in heat still has me laughing. Made my day 🙂

  6. we'reanewgeneration says:

    Sorry let me correct myself, you do now what cats sound like in heat, but really that’s low, really really low. Even for someone that rants about thing that bug him.

  7. scubax says:

    LOL this idiot has got 13 responses, let me include his as well and let me make 14. must be in the clouds

  8. Mercedes says:

    This is all very funny. : ) I think most here are missing the point. I love Bon Jovi, but I still agree with esdaley as to the subject of the music business verses i tunes. I like having the freedom to listen before I decide to buy. I also like the pressure this puts on the artist to produce a good product. Money is in short supply these days and I for one am very careful about where I spend it.
    Oh yeah, love the sense of humor. You made me laugh. Thanks.

  9. Sarah says:

    Okay, credit where credit is due, I love your comebacks, but I completely disagree that JBJ is that bad. Granted, you might not like his music, but that’s no reason to say that he is delusional or a fuckhead.

  10. Natz says:

    Oh jeeez… Okay I cant agree with you talking like that about Jon. Well I am turning 30 next year (Young/old/What ever) I listen to Bon Jovi since my childhood, always loved it. You may be right about the industry, but hey, Jon is a wonderful singer, especially live. Do I have a problem with my ears or something??? o.O The texts have become quite a low level, that I must admit, but his voice is still killing me. Maybe I am only too nostalgic and sensitive, I don`t know… but man that hurts. Now, everybody has his own opinion and I respect this, but I just felt the need of telling my own… If you look at what I am listening to beside JBJ ( Disturbed| Lacuna Coil| Chevelle| Staind| Rammstein| Flyleaf and so on) you might wonder to see JBJ between it… ah however. Alway loved that man, still do and always will…
    I am sorry for my terrible english, I am a german lady 😉

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