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Keepers Week 10

What a crazy week of writing. Last weekend I went to WonderCon which is code for I didn’t write the whole weekend. This is not a good thing. I have several deadlines barreling in on me. I want to be done with the first draft of Keepers somewhere near the end of April. This is more important than ever because I need May to start the last book of the trilogy and the final edit of book 2.

I have to have book 2 done by the start of June because the person who is doing my formatting is completely packed. They are going to do book 1 and 2 for me at the same time. I will then have until October to finish book 3 completely (this includes all edits) because this is when they scheduled me for the formatting. I like deadlines though. Having a drop dead date keeps me working towards something. The old me would be freaking out about writing a book in that time. No longer. The book is coming together in my brain as we speak. I actually think it will be the quickest of the three to write.

Add into that I want to have my zombie holiday series done by the end of April and there are deadlines everywhere. This meant on Monday I needed to get my ass in gear. I owed RocketLlama.com articles covering WonderCon, so Monday I wrote up four of them and did a 1000 words in my novel. On Tuesday I doubled up my novel writing to catch up with the missed writing from the weekend. I got myself caught up by Thursday.

This weekend I wanted to hammer out most of my zombie stories. As of this blog I have done three new ones. I will get one more done tonight and at least one more tomorrow. This will leave three to get done by next weekend. It will be tight but who needs sleep. This week I have averaged about 3000 words a day between all the different projects. Plus, I had a cold. Not too shabby.

Keepers went over 71,000 words last night. I have also brought two of the storylines together and tonight will get to write a scene between two characters that I have been waiting to write since the first week when I thought of it. I almost wrote it last night but decided to quit in the middle to give me a place to jump off of tonight. Once this scene is done I am definitely in the home stretch of the novel. The conclusion will build from this scene. I am guessing about 20,000 to 30,000 more words to go.

I still plan on having my zombie holiday book up by the end of April. Once I am done writing the last stories I will hand them over to Sheri to edit and I will begin formatting. Then I will do an edit after Sheri’s and let them loose into the world. It is killing me to sit on the cover. I can’t wait for everyone to see it. The Shadow Men is still an early June release but if the formatter can get me in early I might get it out in May. I don’t think I have ever written as much as I have this last year. It will be exciting to go to the San Diego Comic Con with two books out. Even if only twenty people bought them.

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