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Keepers Week 12

This will be a short update because I am in Hawaii and honestly I have other things to do. I am very proud of myself though. Despite being on vacation and surrounded by beauty I managed to get my writing done. It hasn’t been easy and I am sure some editing will be required. I keep moving in closer to the finish line.

I really have no idea how long this book is going to be and refuse to predict anymore. I know I am close but I am not going to rush the ending. The only problem I see now is I have to finish my final edit of The Dark Lands Book 2. I had set May aside to do this. If Keepers creeps into May I am going to have to do double duty. This will mean less goof off time after work.

I also need to get the third book started on The Dark Lands. I have given myself a deadline of Sept. 1 to finish. Luckily, I will have the whole summer to work that one out. Last but not least I have to finsih my zombie dad stories. I am closing in but I am thinking the next week will be double up time to get zombie dad done. I still have to do the final edit and format. Then publish that baby to the Kindle (and other devices).

Busy as I have ever been but I know when I finally reach the end of this tunnel it will get back to normal. You know, one book until it is done. Yikes! It is amazing how it all piled up on me once I decided to publish it myself. Not much longer though and you will be able to purchase my books on the technological device of your choice. Plus, I will get to breathe again.

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