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Keepers Week 14

This will be a short update because, frankly, I have much writing to do tonight. I can’t wait until summer is here so I can have just one job again, that of a writer. Too bad the pay is crap. I zipped on by my word count goal for Keepers this week. The goal was 90,000 and I am currently sitting at 97,000. This makes Keepers the longest book I have ever written. I will go over 100,000 words this next week. I might finish it. It depends on how much I push towards the finish line.

In the past when I have gotten to a novel’s end I usually throw out my 1,000 word a day goal and amp up the word count until I cross the finish line. I don’t think that is going to happen this time. I am almost done with my last few zombie dad stories and will be turning them over to Sheri for final edits this week. I then will be pushing hard to get the formatting done and hopefully have the zombie holiday short story collection out next week. About two weeks late but some of the stories just didn’t want to be written. Rather than write a bunch of junk I have tried to be patient and let the stories come to me. This has led to a few restarts but I am happy with the output. I think the stories are still fun and if you enjoyed the earlier ones I think the new ones will be a blast.

We are now a month away from the release of the first Dark Lands e-book. I will be finishing final edits over the next two weeks and turning it into the formatter the first week of June. If there are no formatting complications the book should be out by the second week of June. I have spent a little time getting ready to set up my author’s page on Amazon. This led to a panic attack that I was about to make a fool of myself. Luckily, I am really good at ignoring the inner voices. So I shall continue to do so.

Hopefully the next Keepers update will have a definitive answer to when I will be done. It’s going to be weird to finish it and put it aside for four months. I am going to write and edit the last book of my Dark Lands Trilogy before doing y keepers rewrite. This is going to lead to the weird feeling of doing back to back book edits. Although I am looking forward to seeing how I feel about the book when I come back to it. Will I bring a new perspective to it? How much rewriting will I do? I don’t imagine this is the way I will ever do it again. The decision to self publish while in the middle of this book has put everything in an accelerated state. I sometimes wish now that I had written the Dark Lands books straight through. The rationale on why I didn’t at the time was fitting in a look for a publisher world. Not at all in a self publishing. This wasn’t as short as I thought it would be. See you next week. Hopefully with some big announcements.

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