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Keepers Week 16

I have been working my ass off again (sadly no actual ass has been lost in the working). Last week I finally published A Very Zombie Holiday. This week I have been busy getting The Shadow Men ready for publication (should be ready to publish tonight or tomorrow). Where does that leave the lovely Keepers? In a good place, that’s where.

My word count passed 109,000 words today. All but one of the major story lines has been completed and most of the hooks I am leaving for the next book have been set. In other words, almost done. I should be finished no later than Monday. This leaves me terribly excited because editing The Shadow Men has started my creative pump going and I am getting my brain ready to start book 3.

Keepers has been fun to write and I am looking forward to editing it for publication. However, this is going to be some time from now. First, I have to finish my final edit on Dark Lands book 2 and then write the last book in the trilogy. Then I will come back and finish Keepers. By this time next year I should have five books for sale online. Of course, at my current rate of sell I will be able to buy a few cups of coffee.

The best news is I am about to be back to one book at a time. This whole juggling three books at the same time is wearing me out. I also am hoping to have a few comic scripts written and ready for submission. I almost feel like a real writer. Got to go now I have some formatting to do.

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