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Kevin Smith Airline Outlaw


I was reading today that Kevin Smith was once again wronged by an airline (Virgin Atlantic). He apparently showed up to the gate 10 minutes before the plane was going to take off (he had already checked in and his luggage was on the plane). The plane was still attached to the walkway and he was not late. When it became apparent they were not going to let him on he asked for his luggage back because it had medicine his wife needed.

This is of course not Kevin’s first run in. He had the whole incident of being removed from a plane because they told him he was fat. I am starting to think airlines keep a wanted poster of Smith behind the counter. Kevin instantly took to Twitter and began blasting the airlines and low and behold he got a response. Free tickets, refunded money, Swedish massage (yeah, I made that up but it could have happened).

This whole story tells me a couple of very interesting facts. One is that airlines suck even if you are famous. They have absolutely no concept of customer service. The whole idea of flying in this day and age is warped. Between the screeners taking playboy photos of you and then patting you down without even giving you a happy finish and airlines cramming 10,000 people on a plane meant to comfortably hold a 100. Flying is simply no fun.

It also tells me that it helps to be famous. I guarantee if I had taken to Twitter and complained I would have maybe netted a bag of peanuts (hopefully unopened without any airline employees saliva co-mingling). I am not really jealous but it does make me dislike airline companies even more. They are always capable of doing the right thing but rarely choose to unless you can make their lives miserable in some way.

I would like to suggest to Kevin Smith that in the future he come up with a slightly better story than needing his wife’s medicine. It was obviously not that important if they packed it away in luggage and stored it on a plane. Luggage gets lost all the time. Not really all that good of an idea to pack important medicine in it. I know he sometimes struggles with holding the plots of his movies together but I would have expected a better story than this. He should have gone with I smuggled my dog in that luggage. I am really sorry but I need my friend back. Or go all out and tell them you need your sex toys back and that your little blow up doll Lisa can’t stand to be enclosed for longer than 6 hours. At the very least let’s make it a little more entertaining. That’s the main reason people read your Twitter feed in the first place.

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