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Kim Boekbinder Is Sunshine In A Bottle



I have been Mister Grumpy Pants this last week. It seemed like every time I turned around something in the news or on TV was ticking me off. It showed in my blogs. It isn’t that I think my blogs were bad, but damn I think I might need to drink less coffee and get more sleep.

Luckily, last night I got to go see Kim Boekbinder in San Francisco. Kim is like taking joy and stuffing it into a bottle. Shaking that bottle up and then opening it and letting the joy explode out onto the audience.

It isn’t the first time I have seen Kim and it won’t be my last (in fact I am going to see her again on Dec. 15th. If you want to join me click here). She has always been extremely talented but her performances are moving onto a whole new level. She just owns the stage now. From her first note to her last chord you are eating out of her hand.

She lives to entertain her audience and I was entertained. She crushed my grumpiness into a tiny little ball and tossed it into the garbage. Her beautiful voice, her musicality on all of her instruments. Her ability to loop and layer her music to intertwine like a glove with her voice. Her lyrics are wonderful and her interaction with the audience will have you chuckling all night long.

Kim is about to start recording her solo album and you should run over here and pre-order it. She is the cure for that which makes you blue, sunshine in a bottle. Mr. Grumpy Pants has been put back in the closet.

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2 Responses to “Kim Boekbinder Is Sunshine In A Bottle”

  1. Meagan says:

    >Glad you had a good time. Thought of you last night and thought to myself I bet he is having a blast right now.

  2. Merri says:

    >When im in a bad mood, really good music often puts me in a better mood. Especially if it's combined with something like working out or dancing in a club. Glad u had fun and feel better now. 🙂 yay music!

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