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Kim Boekbinder Magical Lyricist


I have been thinking about how to put these words into the world for days. Everyday I start to put them down on the page. I feel my hands go through the rhythm of typing. My fingers pushing the keys but without fail my words have left me wanting. I can’t seem to express the ideas and emotions bouncing around in my skull. Today I decided to just write. Let the words out knowing I was never going to be completely satisfied.

This last week Kim Boekbinder released her album, The Impossible Girl, into the world. Kim has been releasing the album in installments over the last few months but I have waited to write about it until all the installments were out. This has given me a lot of time to think about these songs. I am not even going to pretend I am remotely impartial about this album. I am not, and I am not embarrassed to admit it.

I have watched this album come to life. From Kim’s first steps out on her own until the final glorious release. I know these songs like they were a member of my family. I have watched as Kim worked her ass off to raise the money to fund the album and I have been lucky enough to see her perform them live as she refined her art.

I love this album. It is beautiful and joyous. It is everything music should be. It is magical lyricism invading every single pore of your body. The music haunts you. You listen to it and it stays with you all day, all week, all year. Some people are born to make art and Kim is certainly one of those people. This doesn’t mean she didn’t work hard to make sure every note counted. She did and you can hear it in the music.

There are thousands of albums that come out every year and I dare you to find one that is better made. We live in a world that often heaps accolades on anything remotely good which doesn’t deviate too far from the middle. This album deviates. It has so many musical flavors on it that you may overdose in its wondrous variety.

As an independent artist Kim has had to fight for every song on this album to come into existence. In a perfect world everyone would get a chance to hear it. Our world is far from perfect but do me a favor and go buy this record. Reward beautiful art done exceptionally. Music this good needs to keep getting made.

I know Kim is very grateful to everyone who helped her get this record made. Well, I would like her to know how grateful I am to her. Several years ago she started an insane project of producing 31 songs in 31 days. I followed along intently. I marveled at how good the music was and the incredible output. I was in a weird spot in my life.

I was not writing. I was dying a little inside because of an overwhelming urge to create something but the complete lack of confidence to get it done. When Kim finished her 31st song it was like a jolt of lighting up my spine. I felt ridiculous. I became angry that I let so much pain and stupidity get in the way of doing the one thing I loved. I started writing again and I have never looked back. Kim inspired me. She helped me to get part of my life back. I write these last few words with tears in my eyes. So, no, I am not impartial but that doesn’t make it any less great. This album is a magical journey you won’t soon forget.


Kim Boekbinder’s Site (click here to begin your journey)

Cover Art by Travis Louie

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  1. Anonymous says:

    >I hope to find Kim's cd among my mail later today! I've heard only a handful of her artwork, passing the opportunity to purchase the cd earlier in 'installments'… I wish now that I had made that contribution to her ambitious effort: as a walking, supportive donor of a fresh new talent.I envy those who know her, have seen her in performance; I await her visit to Chicago, by which time she'll have far more fans…

  2. Sibel Catana says:

    >I'm checking her out right now. 😉

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