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Marian Call Shares Her Art


It is hard for me to explain the emotions I am feeling right now. There are a lot of things in this world which send my thought process spinning off into an orbit of pain and dread. I want to believe somehow, someway, humanity will pull its collective head out of its collective ass and stop sucking. I want to believe but I often don’t. Except on nights like these. Nights where I sit with Sheri under the stars and am reminded how truly spectacular people can be.

True art does that for you. Have you ever found yourself staring at a painting unable to pull away? Maybe it was a picture or music. Something so beautiful, unique, and exquisite you are afraid to look away for fear it will be gone, leaving a hole inside your chest. That was how I felt tonight watching Marian Call play her music. To experience great art is to allow yourself to be moved beyond the routines of everyday life we so often get caught up in. Art is a reminder that for all our faults people can rise above our own limitations to produce beauty out of the endless creativity which resides inside our minds.

Marian Call isn’t a household name but she should be. In the middle of her 50 state tour she was kind enough to stop in Sacramento for a house concert. Then along with her supremely talented guitarist, Ginger A. Thompson, reminded me why music should be experienced live and intimately. Each song she caressed out into the night sky was a forceful reminder that there are an enormous amount of talented artists out there who are working hard to share their joy and talent with us.

There is nothing quite like being ten feet away from the performer. The connection is almost electric. The interaction between Marian and her audience is such a big part of the experience. The looks of genuine joy on the faces of people who either came as fans or left as fans, can’t even be described. Her music on this night was a gift most of us will never forget. When it was over the only thought in my head was I wonder when she is coming back to California, or Nevada, or Oregon because frankly she was so good Sheri and I would drive to any of those place for just one more chance to experience it.

If you have never listened to her music than by all means run over to her website and do so now. Please buy something and keep her making music. We need to support artists. For every megastar out there selling out stadiums there are thousands and thousands of musicians barely grinding out a living.

Art is important. For me it is like the eternal optimism switch. It is the grain of sand I hold onto that any species which can produce and appreciate art like ours will eventually get the rest of the shit we keep messing up right. Sheri and I try to support as many artists as our salaries will allow us to. I am not joking when I tell people I want a writing career so I can have more money to spread around in the world of art. It feels good knowing we are doing our little part to give the world a reminder of what is really important. Marian certainly gave that to us last night. A beautiful reminder that art makes us more than the sum of all our parts. It breathes life into the world. It breathes joy into our hearts.


Marian Call’s Website

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  1. Merri says:

    >Well, I don’t listen to live music but I do listen to live djing at clubs and it definitely gives you just such an awesome music to see the dj being so into his or her music, and then the energy of the crowd dancing around you, and these really great songs you can fall into. 🙂

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