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Maui Nuts!

Yes, this blog is being written from Maui on a balcony overlooking the Pacific Ocean. It’s okay to hate me a little. I won’t hold it against you. We arrived yesterday and have been having a blast. A lovely room and really there is nothing quite like going to sleep with the sound of the ocean pounding against the shore.

This morning while eating breakfast I was overjoyed to spot the lovely water spout of a whale. We grabbed the binoculars and were treated to a large pod of whales frolicking in the ocean. Since this was one of the main reasons we came to Maui, we were totally stoked. We are probably going to go out on a boat tomorrow or Friday and do a little more whale watching.

Now I bet you think the Maui nuts in the title is referring to the ever so delicious macadamia nuts but it is not. It is referring to my wife Sheri. You see every so often Sheri goes off the deep end and surprises me with something a little out of her character. Like today for instance. We went hiking looking for good places to take pictures. The hike itself wasn’t too bad. We would drive for a bit. Pull off hike over to the shore. Take some pictures and head back to the car.

Except at one location there was an actual trail. There were signs on the trail hinting at the possibility of sea turtles. Sheri loves seas turtles. We hiked that trail forever. Up and down the mountain. Climbing out onto cliff edges peering over the side looking for signs of turtles. Every time I was sure we had gone as far as Sheri could possibly want to hike she would insist upon going farther. We finally reached the end and found what looked like a great place to see turtles but there were none there. We turned around and looked at where we had started from and laughed.

We had hiked over a mile straight down hill. Climbed over every conceivable rock face you could imagine (at one point Sheri had even contemplated sliding down one section on her butt. I was able to talk her out of that particular piece of insanity). Normally this is way more hiking and climbing than Sheri likes to do but today she was a woman possessed. We hiked back up the mountain laughing about not even getting to see a damn turtle.

Now you may have noticed that lovely “s” on the end of nut. This is because I was a willing participant of the insanity. In fact Sheri and I chuckled over how under most circumstances I am not real great with heights. Usually my stomach starts doing the Texas two-step. However, there does seem to be a miraculous cure for this. Put a camera in my hands. I was all over those mountains today and didn’t notice it once. Even when I looked straight down a large cliff hoping to spot something picture worthy.

It was a crazy busy day. We took a two hour walk down the beach and managed to not get swallowed by the ocean despite a precarious rock crossing (you see more nutty behavior). Tomorrow we will head south but I think I might have to keep Sheri away from the signs. The woman will do anything to get a picture of a sea turtle.

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5 Responses to “Maui Nuts!”

  1. Jennheffer says:

    Sounds like you are having a fabulous time!! Keep the posts & pics comings….we are all jealous!!

  2. Missy says:

    Wonderful! It sounds like you’re enjoying yourselves, and each other!

  3. ketmakkura says:

    The pictures are beautiful. I hope you are enjoying your vacation…even as I might be a little jealous of you for it.

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