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My Brain is a Jumble

My brain tends to be all over the place. A big jumble of thoughts and ideas. I have to work really hard to keep my concentration and focus on the tasks which I have set out for myself. Right now I have only two big ones which need to get done. I have to finish editing the Last Dark Lands book and I have to get fit.

The healthy part of the equation is coming along but I need to get in gear on my novel. What I have come to realize over the last few weeks is I was completely frayed and fried because of work. My day job had been tearing me a new one this year. The sad part is it isn’t the teaching part, it’s the assistant principal part. I am going to seriously have to reevaluate doing it next year. I love teaching but the stress of helping my principal out is killing me. Especially this year where it seems I am being called upon at a phenomenal rate. I was basically in charge for two weeks straight. It doesn’t help that I am getting dollars on the day which makes the stress not feel worth it.

It has left me tired and all over the place. I really have used the last two weeks to get my brain back in the right place. I feel I have done that. Now it is time to get busy. I am not a big New Year’s resolution guy. I have goals I have set out to accomplish this year and I will get them done or face the wrath of my kittens (they have very high expectations for me).

First up is get the last Dark Lands book edited by the end of January. Next, will be the rewrite and edit of Keepers. Then, I will write my rock and roll ghost story. I have been chomping at the bit to write it (in fact, I spent a lot of the last two weeks working through the plot). I want to get my blog a little more regular over the next few months and of course I have to get back into my favorite pants and shirt (hopefully by somewhere around the end of February).

So my gentle readers tune in later this week for writing updates and a political blog which will surely get me in trouble. I have a whole new year to annoy and entertain. Follow me if you dare. Which you should by the way. I after all posted kitten pictures with this blog. Hard to look scary with kitten pictures.

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